Chinese New Year 2022 – Year of the Tiger. What Zodiac animal and what does ‘year of Change’ mean for your horoscope?

How to calculate your Chinese Zodiak sign

Although your Chinese Zodiak is determined based upon the year you were conceived, it is also determined by the Chinese New Year.

If you were born between January 23rd 1993 and February 24th 1994, the Rooster is your Chinese Zodiac sign.

You may mistakenly believe that your sign is Tiger, as the Chinese New Year changes.

But, it is not necessarily true.

If you were born January 28, 1998 through February 15, 1999, then you are the Tiger. But if you were born before January 28, 1998, then you are the Ox.

These are the best ways to determine your Chinese Zodiac sign. Calendars to determine your correct sign based on your birthdate.

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