Chinese military hospital just one mile from Wuhan lab ‘treated Covid patients THREE WEEKS before China warned world’

A CHINESE military hospital located just one mile from the Wuhan Institute of Virology treated Covid patients three weeks before China warned the world about the outbreak, a scientist has claimed.

The bombshell study found the “cluster” of four Covid cases were recorded in Wuhan on December 10, 2019.

Four cases were recorded at a hospital just a mile from the Wuhan Institute of Virology


Four cases were recorded at a hospital just a mile from the Wuhan Institute of VirologyCredit: AFP
Chinese military hospital just one mile from Wuhan lab 'treated Covid patients THREE WEEKS before China warned world'


It completely undermines China’s official narrative that the first time the virus was reported was on December 27 – and they warned the world on December 31.

Dr Steven Quay’s paper suggests that the Chinese government was aware of the dangers of the deadly virus much earlier than originally thought.

Quay’s study shows that four people with suspected Covid were treated at Wuhan’s General Hospital of Central Theater Command (People’s Liberation Army) weeks before the official announcement.

This study is based upon patient records and biospecimen data, which shows that samples were taken from Covid patients as far back as December 10.

It is located just one stone away from the Wuhan laboratory, which has been long accused of being involved in the outbreak of the pandemic.

And it comes as former US President Donald Trump claimed he heard “body bags” were piled up outside the lab and suggested the virus could have escaped by an infected technician going on a lunch date.

Beijing claims that the virus was first reported by a hero physician after she treated a patient in her hospital on Boxing Day 2019.

It appears that the virus may have been widespread by this point, and Chinese scientists knew of the danger.

China has denied any wrongdoing regarding its role in the outbreak, but it has been repeatedly accused by the Communist state of covering up.

There are theories that death tolls and cases may have been falsified and doctors who were concerned about the virus might have been silenced. It is also possible that the origins of this virus could have been covered up.

Dr Quay is now questioning whether Covid could have arisen in the military medical facility after a vaccine trial failed.

Scientist Quay noted that the Covid patient files were created in a database two weeks prior to the sample of the infection was recorded.

He described the situation as “unusual and unexplained”.

Dr Quay said: “It would be consistent with setting up a vaccine challenge clinical trial – with the files being set up in anticipation of getting the samples later.”

But, he said, it could also mean the collection of the infection samples was actually before December 10 and they were deliberately recorded incorrectly to cover up the spread of the virus.

“This would imply that the PLA as well as the Chinese government knew of the spread of virus much sooner then they told the world or may have been preparing to test the virus in patients in some kind of a clinical trial,” Dr Quay stated.

It is the second time that a top scientist has revealed that he was aware of the Covid outbreak at Wuhan two weeks prior to China’s final warning.

This would suggest that both the PLA and the Chinese government knew about the virus’ spread much earlier than they reported to the world.

Dr Steven Quay

Ian Lipkin, a professor at Columbia University in the US, made the revelation that appears to blow open Beijing’s narrative on the early origins of the pandemic.

Lipkin told a new documentary by director Spike Lee that he learned of “the new outbreak” on December 15 – some two weeks before China notified WHO on December 31.

Lipkin, who was honoured by China for his work on the SARS outbreak, was even asked to clarify the date – and he once again repeated December 15, reportsThe Mail on Sunday.

The scientist said he had been “tracking’ the disease with “my friends there” at the Centre for Disease Control “and in the national government” since the middle of December.

Professor Lipkin also said that he was tipped off in a podcast by Lu Jiahai (a Chinese public health professor at Guangzhou universities) who claimed the epidemic could have been prevented if there had been better early warning systems.

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