China carrying out Nazi-style experiments on Muslims with organs cut out & mystery injections, chilling report claims

CHINA is carrying out barbaric medical experiments on Uighur Muslims in a chilling echo of cruel research by Nazi doctors, campaigners have warned.

Inmates in the Communist regime’s network of “re-education camps” are allegedly being given mysterious pills, injections and even having organs removed while still alive.

Drone footage has captured the moment hundreds of blindfolded and shackled prisoners are taken away to re-education camps


Drone footage has captured the moment hundreds of blindfolded and shackled prisoners are taken away to re-education camps
Prisoners are loaded off trains and sent to the camps


Prisoners are loaded off trains and sent to the camps
China vehemently denies the allegations that the 'reeducated centres' are in fact concentration camps


China vehemently denies the allegations that the ‘reeducated centres’ are in fact concentration campsCredit: Refer to Caption

Nazi doctors conducted inhumane experiments on Jews and other persecuted minorities in concentration camps which shocked the world when it was exposed at the end of World War 2.

However, it is claimed that similar evil practices are being carried out today on Uighurs as well as other political prisoners. They are taken to camps in China. 

These facilities were used by Beijing to oppress the northwestern province of Xinjiang, according to Western estimates.

According to Amnesty International, former prisoners claim that they were subjected without their consent to medical experiments – similar to the Nazis.

Amnesty International UK CEO Sacha Deshmukh told Central Recorder Online that the treatment of Uighur refugees in Xinjiang camps was nothing short than horrifying.

“We know there’s widespread belief among detainees that forced sterilisation is being practised on them, and we have concerns about other forms of medical experimentation without consent too.

“Our own research raised serious suspicions about government documentation relating to vaccine administration, and in particular the alarming frequency with which some detainees reported being injected with vaccinations.”

The accounts cannot be verified because China is a highly secretive, totalitarian state. However, there are a lot of claims that seem to match. 

This would be a direct violation international law, in part, created after Nazi crimes against humanity. 

Ms Deshmukh added: “The only proper way to uncover with any certainty what’s going on in Xinjiang is for human rights observers and journalists to be allowed unfettered access, until then any denials just ring hollow.”

The treatment to which the Uighur people are being subjected in Xinjiang camps is nothing short of horrifying

Sacha DeshmukhAmnesty International UK’s CEO

Based on shocking testimonies of prisoners who have fled from China, the human rights organisation said inmates would have mystery injections and have blood drawn. 

The doctors were said to have been tightlipped about what the injections, or said they were vaccinations — some given every 10 to 15 days, and samples were for.

According to the report, “While government documents show that detainees had to be vaccinated at some point, it is not clear why certain detainees are reporting being injected so frequently.”

“A few former detainees claimed they were given injections or made to take pills every couple of weeks.”

It was claimed that the inmates were given “blue” tablets every two to three weeks. 

Some former detainees report some people receiving injections were “happy” or seemed inebriated.

Nazi experiments during World War 2

NAZI scientists are known to have carried out twisted experiments on prisoners behind closed doors of their viel concentration camps.

These disgusting experiments were basically medical torture.

And most the procedures involved the sick Nazi doctors attempting to perfect the “master race” or test terrifying new weapons.

The disturbing experiments included bizarre and unintelligible tests on 1,500 pairs of twins, including the creation of conjoined twins by sewing them together or injecting dyes to their eyes.

To help pilots at higher altitudes, living persons were kept frozen or put into low pressure chambers.

Victims were infected to typhus, malaria, and other infectious diseases. Children also had their lymph nodes taken out.

As doctors could examine the flow of sperm, some patients were forced to undergo sterilisation or surgical removal of their sexual organs.

Some doctors performed surgery on bones and muscles in the absence of anesthesia. Others repeatedly struck patients on their heads to see what would happen.

After the end of World War 2 and the fall of The Third Reich, the crimes were exposed during what became known as “The Doctors’ Trial”.

Sick doctors tried to claim that their experiments were motivated by wartime necessity, but it led to new international laws on medical experiments, known as the Nuremberg Code.

Some male detainees claimed that side effects made them impotent. Others report memory loss and eye-sight loss as well as trouble sleeping.  

During the height of China’s Covid-19 outbreak early last year, one middle-aged Uighur woman told The Associated Press that she was detained and slung into a cramped cell with others. 

She claimed that she was made to take medicine that made her weak and nauseating, with guards watching as the rest of the group gulped. 

She and the others also had to strip naked once a week and cover their faces as guards hosed them and their cells down with disinfectant “like firemen,” she said.

“It was scalding,” The woman, who was calling from Xinjiang told me her story but declined to be identified out of fear of retribution.

“My hands were ruined, my skin was peeling.”

The nurses told me secretly that the pills were dangerous and that I should not take them

Ex-inmate Sayragul Sauytbay

Some were also being coerced into swallowing medicine that included ingredients banned in Germany, Switzerland, the US and other countries for high levels of toxins and carcinogens, the news agency reported. 

Sayragul Sauytbay was a former inmate, a Chinese Muslim of Kazakh origin, who claimed she was held by the state since November 2017.

She allegedly witnessed human medical experiments while in Xinjiang camp. 

Speaking to Israeli newspaper Haaretz, she said: “The inmates would be given pills or injections. Although they were told that it was done to prevent diseases, the nurses secretly told me that the pills were unsafe and I should not use them.

“The pills had different kinds of effects. Some prisoners were cognitively weakened. Women stopped getting their period and men became sterile.”

Meanwhile, an independent China Tribunal sitting in London and chaired by Sir Geoffrey Nice QC, who was knighted for his services to international criminal justice, last year concluded prisoners are having their organs taken out while still alive.

The Tribunal concluded that “thousands of innocent people have been killed to order having their bodies – the physical integrity of their beings – cut open while still alive for their kidneys, livers, hearts, lungs, cornea and skin to be removed and turned into commodities for sale.”


In light of the troubling findings, Dr Adnan Sharif, Department of Nephrology and Transplantation, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham has called for a boycott on publishing transplant research findings from China. 

Writing in the British Medical Journal, he said: “Given credible allegations, and absence of evidence to the contrary, can we be sure that Chinese practice conforms to international law and ethical norms? 

Research on unethical transplantation can be considered unethical if it is not.

“Many journals have already established policies that prohibit the use of organs obtained from executed prisoners for transplantation research. 

“However, more than 90 per cent of 445 Chinese transplant-related studies published between 2000-2017 failed to conform to these policies, researchers found, warning journals of ‘complicity and moral hazard’.”

Another sinister development spearheaded by the Chinese state is biometric facial recognition surveillance. 

The Uighur people has often been described as the “testbed” for this.

Central Recorder Online reported that activists had accused the Communist government of engaging in the largest forced labor outrage since the Nazis.

Anti-slavery campaigners warned that part of the items they confiscated could be your phone, your TV, and trainers.

Inside China’s ‘dystopian hellscape’ where millions of Uighur Muslims are ‘brainwashed and tortured in camps’

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