Chilled out bulldog’s trampoline antics branded ‘most wholesome thing on the internet’ – World News

Bruce the American Bulldog, from Queensland, Australia loves to be bounced around on the trampoline in his garden

Chilled out bulldog's trampoline antics branded 'most wholesome thing on the internet' - World News

Lazy American bulldog plays ‘crack the egg’ on the trampoline

A relaxed American bulldog casually lying around while being bounced around on a trampoline has been branded “the most wholesome thing on the internet”.

Bruce, the chilled-out dog was captured on a hilarious video, flying around in midair looking completely unconcerned.

Emma Donaldson, from Queensland, Australia, shared the footage on TikTok, with her daughter playing ‘crack the egg’ with the dog.

Bruce enjoys watching the little girl play on the trampoline while Bruce relaxes and does the rest of the work.

The heartwarming bond between the daughter and her dog has been viewed more than a quarter-million times.


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One said: “This is the most wholesome thing on the internet today.”

Others have said their dogs love trampolines, too, with one describing the garden toy as a “giant dog bed”.

Another said: “What is it with dogs and trampolines?”

In 2016 a dog bouncing around on a trampoline was used as the theme for the John Lewis Christmas advert.

Then four-year-old pooch Biff was handpicked from dozens of others Boxers to play Buster – chosen for his “expressive” face.

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