Chicago Radio Host Eric Furguson Accused of Sexually Coercing Staffer

Chicago radio host Eric Ferguson has been accused of coercing an assistant producer on “Eric in the Morning” into performing sexual favors, according to a report in the Sun Times.

Cynthia DeNicolo worked for WTMX-FM, also known as The Mix. She claimed that she was forced to perform oral sex on Ferguson about twice per month between January and August 2004. After she filed a lawsuit in May, the suit and paper claim that she was fired May 2020. The complaint states that although COVID-19 cuts were to blame, Ferguson is believed to be behind Ferguson’s firing. She accuses him of continuing “to torment” her throughout her employment by asking for continued sexual favors and reminding her he had power over her job.

Per the suit, “Ferguson used codewords to communicate his unwanted demands for oral sex. He would tell DeNicolo he ‘needed a backrub.’”

The activity took place, the suit says, after work events or in his apartment. A lawyer for Ferguson did not immediately respond to a request for comment from , but did file a motion to dismiss the suit last month, per the Sun Times, claiming it was “devoid of factual allegations.”

The host “emphatically denies the existence of a sexual relationship with plaintiff as well as engaging in the other conduct alleged in the complaint.”

A representative for WTMX did not immediately return a request for comment.

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