Chicago Fire fans are thrilled to finally get Ritter’s backstory

Chicago Fire fans are thrilled to finally get Ritter's backstory

In “Chicago Fire”Season 11, Episode 7: Darren Ritter meets Firehouse 51 Lt. Stella Kidd, (Miranda Rae Mayo), for a heartfelt conversation that turns out to be a very important one for them both. Ritter informs Kidd about his family’s disapproval and suggests that he should not follow his uncle who was a firefighter. “real men.”Ritter makes a shocking revelation by explaining that his disdain for his family was what motivated him to become a firefighter.

This moment is being celebrated by a series fan, who took part in a Twitter conversation about it. @KatherWren_They tweeted their approval in all caps. “DARREN RITTER BACKSTORY? THANK YOU UNIVERSE!!!”I am also grateful for the insights into Ritter’s past. @CatrelCathey tweeted, “Ritter parents story is one of those moments that was totally unexpected but definitely need it.”Let’s agree! @LearnthingssTweeted another thumbs up for the interlude. “Finally a Ritter backstory!!!”Tweeting in one thread @JadearoseTo show their appreciation, they also used all caps to say, “THAT WAS ONE HECK OF AN AMAZING SCENE LOVE LOVE THAT.”

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