Check Spotify Wrap 2022 for when it arrives

Spotify has teased 2022 for quite some time. How can we check when the feature will be available?

At this point, no official date has been set. But, for quite some time the brand teased its release.

The hashtag was even created and is being used by people eagerly to discover what 2022 will look like.

Check your Spotify Wrap 2022 playlist.

Logging into Spotify is all that’s required to view your wrap. Scroll down to see a box that says “Wrapped”. “2022 wrapped.”

Click on the icon to reveal your top songs and artists as well as how long you have spent listening to a song.

It is also possible to share your photos with other people via social media.

You can view the wrap in your web browser if it isn’t showing up on your app following the release. Click on the link to view it. Here.

How to view previous year’s wrapped

Spotify makes it easy to view past playlists while you are waiting for their latest one to arrive.

Click here to see it in 2016 Here. You can view the 2017 version by clicking here Link. For 2018, the wrapped will be on sale On this page.

You can view your wrap list for 2019 Here. Find the 2020 Songs here This URL Click this link to see the wrapped 2021 wrap Link.

When does Spotify stop tracking?

Spotify 2019 All confirmed On Twitter, they announced that they had stopped tracking at October 31st every year. Also, this means that streams from this year are already recorded and users won’t have control.

The brand asked people to keep streaming music while they wait since then. Spotify responded recently to an anonymous user via social media. Write: “The only thing that we end on Halloween is eating candy corn. Stream (and snack) all through the year and we will see you in Wrapped season.”

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