Check out the full list of flights that were cancelled in the UK today, including Delta and American Airlines


Airline cancellations around the globe have been caused by shortages of staff.

The airlines are underperforming and overselling flights, and cancellations are becoming the norm for travelers. UK.

Flights around the world continue to be canceled due to strikes and staff shortages


Strikes and staff shortages continue to cause cancellations of flights around the globe.Credit: AFP

Below is a list of airlines that have cancelled flights as of today.


EasyJet has canceled several flights in the last few days. They include flights to London (England) and Venice (Italy).

EasyJet will put you up in a hotel for your flight if it is canceled.

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British Airways

British Airways has cancelled Many popular routesThe past year. 

According to the Evening StandardBritish Airways will cancel more than 105,000 passengers’ flights.

Some destinations include:


Ryanair cancelled many flights from Ryanair to Italy and England. London is one of the affected destinations. SantoriniPisa and?

According to Simple FlyingRyanair crew members from Spain are on strike for 12 days in search of better working conditions.

Aer Lingus

Tourists of Aer LingusAs flights are still canceled, you will be in uncertainty.

Aer Lingus Multiple flights cancelledThis weekend saw approximately 4,000 people travel to Dublin.

American Airlines glitch leaves multiple flights without essential crew members


American Airlines has a glitch that leaves several flights without crew members


Jet2According to, several of its flights were cancelled due to internal reviews of services and demand. Echo.


DeltaAbout 4% of its flights have been cancelled since Memorial Day.

According to FlightAware.comAn additional 20% of Delta flights were delayed by nearly an hour.

American Airlines

American Airlines cancelled several flights this morning; however, no British Airways passengers have been affected.

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According to CBS NewsA glitch in American Airlines’ computer system “caused 12,000 flights to lack a captain, first officer, or both, including flights this weekend.”


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