Chaos at Gatwick airport as water runs out leaving toilets unflushable, restaurants closing and causing massive lines

GATWICK Airport is running out of WATER, leaving the toilets unflushed and restaurants closed.

Another blow to passengers following weeks of travel chaos was a burst main that caused low water pressure at a terminal.

Gatwick airport has run out of WATER leaving toilets unable to flush and restaurants shut


Gatwick Airport has run out WATER. The toilets are unable to flush, and the restaurants have been closed.Credit: Sussex News and Pictures
A burst water main resulted in low water pressure in a terminal


A burst watermain caused low water pressure at a terminalCredit: SUSSEX NEWS & PICTURES
Just two toilets are understood to be working


Only two toilets have been found to be functional.Credit: Sussex News and Pictures

Only two toilets were reported to be functioning, with signs alerting passengers about the disruption.

Several restaurants were forced to close due to hygiene concerns and a lack of water.

The airport has apologized and is now offering free bottled water to passengers until the matter is resolved “quickly resolved”.

Passenger Raquel Rodriguez, 49, was travelling to Spain today from Gatwick when she was struck by water problems.

He described long lines of passengers waiting for two working lavatories – the only two available in the terminal – and said they were causing huge delays.

Raquel told Metro: “There are only 2 workers in the terminal, so you can see the queues.

“Nobody wants the airport to close but there are heated exchanges between staff and people trying to travel with young families.”

SES, a water company, says that the issue was caused in part by a burst main line in Crawley West Sussex.

Staff are currently working to resolve the problem.

This follows weeks of airline chaos after Gatwick, the UK’s second busiest airport, earlier announced that it would cancel 4,000 flights this summer.

Daily flights will be limited to 825 in July, and 850 August. This is in contrast to the previous year’s 900 per day.

An estimated 800,000.00 people are going to be affected by the announcement at Britain’s second-busiest Airport.

The company stated that the decision was made after a thorough review of its operations. “temporarily moderating its rate of growth”Two months.

A Gatwick spokesperson said: “An issue with the supply of SES Water to Gatwick and the surrounding area this morning has led to lower water pressure than normal across the airport. 

“We are working closely together with SES Water in order to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

“Bottled water is available for passengers and staff at the airport. Other contingency measures are in place to ensure the safety and well-being of our passengers.”


“We apologise for any inconvenience to passengers.”

SES Water spokesperson said that they had identified a ruptured water main in Shipley Bridge (Crawley) and were working hard to fix it.

“As we progress with the repair, we’re hopeful this will begin to restore pressure to the surrounding areas.”

An easyJet passenger shared his experience of being close to people earlier this week. “mutiny”As they waited for the flight to take off, after a seven hour delay

The aircraft was due to depart from Gatwick airport to Dubrovnik in Croatia at 1.40pm on Monday.

But travellers were made to wait until 4.30pm before they were able to board the plane, ahead of a further four-hour wait on the tarmac.

The airline was to blame “staff sickness at Gatwick airport”Coaches delays during the wait

It follows weeks of travel chaos at airports, including Gatwick


It follows weeks and weeks of chaos at airports, including Gatwick.Credit: Sussex News and Pictures
Passengers have been describing huge queues at check in


Many passengers have described long lines at check-in.Credit: Sussex News and Pictures

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