Channel Tunnel detonated, Brits warn of the dangers to their safety. ‘hotspot of holiday hell’

BRITS were warned by Channel Tunnel collapse under high demand that they can expect a whole summer of chaos in travel.

The undersea route that links the UK and France has been called the “hotspot of holiday hell”Vehicles were backed up bumper by bumper.

Brits crossing the Channel were stuck bumper to bumper in horror queues this weekend


The Channel’s horror queues had Brits stuck bumper-to-bumper this weekend
Travel bosses have warned the fragile situation will get worse before it gets better


Travel executives have warned that the fragile situation could get worse before it improvesCredit: LNP
Brits are struggling to head away on breaks due to the chaotic combination of airport issues and problems at the Eurotunnel


Brits have difficulty getting away for holidays due to the chaos of Eurotunnel problems and airport issues.Credit: LT1Media

Holidaymakers have been warned the Kent port is on a “knife edge”The third day of the country’s travel mayhem was a torturous one.

A “critical incident” was declared at Dover on Friday, with holidaymakers told to arrive six hours early for ferry queues lasting up to five hours.

The delays were caused by an increased number of border checks following Brexit and the understaffing of French checkpoints.

Ministers have been urged by local authorities to address the matter as soon as possible. “national problem”Instead of the “sticking plaster” approach.

Anti-Brexit French cop behind Dover travel chaos wrecking Brit holidays
Dover chaos sees road turned into ‘public urinal’ in ‘30-hour’ ferry queues

Folkestone Passengers said that they were “treated worse than cattle”remained in their cars for as long as 21 hours this weekend.

Operation Brock had caused a 24-mile closure of the M20, causing gridlock.

Kent Police made the roads into a park for thousands of trucks in an attempt at easing congestion. However, it seems that this has backfired.

The AA branded Folkestone’s entry to the Eurotunnel the Entrance to the Eurotunnel. “hotspot of holiday hell”This is a warning to drivers “be prepared”.

Transport bodies are now asking the government to increase investment in the area. “fragile”Dover infrastructure

Minor issues are possible, it is feared. “expand the chaos”The Channel crossing is struggling to cope.

Travellers were tortured and forced to use jammed roadsides for a public urinal. Some died in the heat.

Toby Howe of the Kent Resilience Forum, who oversees the response at Channel crossing delays, said another thing to The Times “red” situation is expected next weekend.

He stated: “We have traffic management plans where we can control freight to enable traffic to get the Eurotunnel, and Port of Dover.

“The trouble is, it is on a knife edge. It takes very little to disrupt that plan.”

On Friday, the busiest weekend of this summer, chaos quickly set in when five French border agents failed to arrive at Port of Dover.


Bosses disclosed that French officials have checked each vehicle on British soil since Brexit.

It has also led to increased demand for crossings, as more families avoid waiting in airport lines as summer vacations begin. “perfect storm”Motoring mayhem.

It is not slowing down, as travel leaders warn that there is a danger. “way to go”Before the disorder is gone.

Jack Cousens, head of roads policy at AA, shared his concerns that delays could continue throughout the summer.

He said: “We are worried that this congestion could recur throughout the summer.

“Drivers due to use both Dover and Folkestone to head into Europe on Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday mornings between now and the reopening of schools may see a repetition of these delays.”


It follows top Tories like Liz Truss, Rishi Sunak, and Liz Truss who blame France for Dover’s halt in traffic. France failed to send enough staff to the border.

Truss spoke at a Kent campaign visit and stated: “This situation has been caused due to a shortage of resources at the frontier.

“And that is what the French authorities need to address and that is what I am being very clear with them about.”

The government also shared the same stance but denied that post-Brexit borders checks had played any role. “significant role in the disruption.”

Pierre-Henri Dumont is a French Republican MP for Calais. He has claimed that the UK’s exit was to blame. “an aftermath of Brexit”With more checks and claims for the Dover port “too small”Having too many kiosks is a sign of a lack of space.

A spokesperson said: “A shortage of French border control staff, along with a serious accident on the M20 and exceptionally high numbers of people travelling, led to roads in Kent becoming extremely busy.”

The port’s bosses insisted that they could handle the influx of tourists for as long as it took. “entire port system is working efficiently”.

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Holidaymakers reported delays of seven hour at Dover this weekend. However, the BBC reported that one man was still waiting to cross the border. “30 hours”.

Another family said to the broadcaster that they only moved 75m in six hour and that they eventually gave up on the chance of a faster route.

A 'critical incident' was declared at the packed port on Friday - but travel top dogs want the government to do more


At the jammed port, Friday’s ‘critical incident’ was announced. However, top travel officials want the government and the government to do moreCredit: PA
Cars and lorries queued on the M20 motorway leading to Dover


There were a lot of cars and lorries queuing up on the M20 motorway that leads to Dover.Credit: PA

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