Celebrity SAS’ Kieron Dyer batters Jason ‘Foxy’ Fox after instructor broke his rib

Celerity SAS Who Dares Wins sees England footballer Kieron Dyer want payback after an injury sustained earlier in the series.Celebrity SAS' Kieron Dyer batters Jason 'Foxy' Fox after instructor broke his rib

Celebrity SAS’ Kieron Dyer ‘batters’ Jason ‘Foxy’ Fox after own rib is broken.

Celebrity SAS Who Dares Wins will see footballer Kieron Dyer physically attack Jason ‘Foxy’ Fox on Sunday.

The Channel 4 Survival Show continues with more drama and experts testing the stars.

After injuring his ribs earlier in the series, former England football player Kieron Dyer admits he was furious with Jason “Foxy” Fox during another task.

According to reports, Foxy and Kieron got into a fight with Ant Middleton, pulling Fox off the ground.

According to The Sun, footballer Kieron rages at Foxy and swears and screams at him, with Kieron admitting that he “wanted to kill” army veteran Jason.

Kieron Dyer acts out after suffering an injury on Celebrity SAS Who Dares Wins.

Kieron is noted to have said by the paper: “Before this challenge, they get you psyched up about your family, who you’d kill for and then send you in against Foxy dressed in all the red kit, and you basically have to think like you want to kill him.

“I just let it out, and what was so great about that, what I loved, is that when Ant actually told me to stop, I stopped. I don’t think he thought I was going to stop, to be honest.” Jason ‘Foxy’ Fox becomes the target of Kieron after the latter broke his rib in a task

Kieron admits he was enraged but feels sorry for Foxy as he tried to injure his ribs after hurting his own.

The footballer admitted to the paper: “I was thinking: ‘Well, you broke my rib on this course, let me try and break one of your ribs!’”

Fellow contestants Love Island star Wes Nelson and Aled Davis had perceived Kieron behaving like a “madman,” according to the footballer. The celebrities continue to be put through their paces by the instructors.

The Mirror has reached out to Channel 4 for additional comment on this story.

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