Celebrity Car Accident Incidents & Famous Crashes

Car crashes are common – extremely common. For some countries, they are the number one source of fatalities, if we may say so. For undeveloped countries with poor infrastructure, car accidents do more damage than any other type of accident or even most crimes.

In short, as we said, car crashes happen much more than we’d like to think they happen. Naturally, these accidents mostly involve regular, usually innocent, people. But they sometimes happen to celebrities – and then the entire world knows that car accidents, big or small, can affect all of us.

Here are some of the most famous car crashes in the world and the reason why we should always be careful while driving.

Princess Diana

Clearly, this is the most famous car crash of all. It’s so famous that hundreds of conspiracy theories revolving around this particular crash have popped up online.

While traversing a tunnel in France, the driver of the car Princess Diana was a passenger in, reportedly lost control of the vehicle and crashed into one of the tunnel’s pillars. The odd thing is that the car was going twice the speed limit when it crashed, making for the theories mentioned above.

Ryan Dunn

If you’ve watched Jackass at least once, then you know who Ryan Dunn is. He was a professional stuntman that would make anyone gasp in terror if they saw some of his stunts – and injuries!

The stuntman crashed his car, a Porsche, at over 100 mph. The crash resulted in a fire that eventually killed the Jackass star. At the time of the accident, Dunn was also intoxicated.

Paul Walker

Another huge blow to the movie industry was the death of Paul Walker, the famous Fast and Furious star. Just like Dunn, Paul and a friend of his crashed their vehicle, a Porsche, at speeds of over 100 mph.

The car burst into flames soon after the crash, flames that proved to be fatal for both Walker and his friend.

Halle Berry

We all grew up seeing Halle Berry in our favorite movies. After all, she is one of the most well-known actresses in Hollywood. However, her fame wasn’t of much help when she ran a red light and crashed into a motorcycle driver. The worst part is that she fled the accident.

Halle Berry, when caught, was sentenced to three years of probation and issued a $13k fine.

Lindsay Lohan

Just like Halle Berry, Lohan is considered by some as the actor of their childhood or teenage years. However, unlike Berry, Lohan walked on the wilder side of things, as car accidents were rather a common occurrence for her.

In June 2012, she totaled a Porsche that she had just rented. And if that wasn’t enough, she was involved in a hit-and-run only three months later.

The Bottom Line

Celebrities don’t have it easy when they get involved in accidents. As any New York or Seattle personal injury lawyer would say, this is because everybody soon knows what they did and then because, in most cases, they seem to disappear from the public view for a while or for prolonged periods.

Nonetheless, the accidents above are more than just media stories. They are proof that anyone can die in a car crash, regardless of their status. What’s important is that we keep ourselves safe on the roads!

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