Celeb viewers who are I am say that history was “recreated” when Matt Hancock and Gina Coladangelo reunited

You’re a Celebrity – Get Me Out! After Matt Hancock’s exit from the show was decided, viewers almost had to flash back to 2021. Gina Coladangelo welcomed him.

Hancock was controversially allowed into the jungle. There were ongoing debates about Hancock’s participation in the show. Hancock made it through to the final three, but he lost out to Owen Warner, Hollyoaks actor, and Jill Scott, former England footballer.

Ant and Dec chatted briefly with the Hancock about their experiences playing I’m A Celebrity and his reasons for joining the show.

The most eye-opening moment came when he was reunited to Coladangelo. This was Coladangelo’s wife, whom he had an affair with. He also broke Covid guidelines, leading him to resign as his health secretary.

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For those not familiar with the CCTV footage that was leaked, Hancock kissed Coladangelo and became very affectionate with his aide. This happened since he’d been friends with Coladangelo since college.

Let’s get back to the moment. Hancock nearly engaged Coladangelo in a passionate kiss when he first saw her.

Viewers were astonished at what they saw.

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