CDC Report: Vaccines Remain Effective During Omicron Varant Spike

A report by the CDC states that there are a number of diseases. released this past Friday, the more common variations of the vaccine — Pfzizer-BioNTech and Moderna — remained highly effective at preventing severe illness and death during the omicron variant in January.

According to the report, mild symptoms from the virus are less common over time. However, the vaccines cannot eliminate all risks. However, even though some people who had been fully vaccinated tested positive for COVID-19, they reported mild symptoms, it was more likely that the worst outcome could be avoided.

These data support Additional data published Moderna Pfizer’sRequests to FDA for authorization of a second booster shot.

The vaccine prevented more severe outcomes than those who received just two doses, according to the study. This included the need for ventilation or death. The effectiveness of the third dose rose to 94%.

According to The Washington Post, Pfizer and BioNTech said in a statement that an additional dose of the Pfizer vaccine — at least four months after an initial booster — could both restore healthy levels of antibodies and protect adults 60 and older against severe illness and infections.

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