Caught Cheating And Left Speechless As girlfriend gifts Him texts he sent to other Women!

A man who was caught cheating on his girlfriend was horrified when his partner produced printed copies of his text messages – including one which claimed the woman was dead

Discovering your partner has been cheating on you is never an easy thing to go through, and there’s no guidebook on the best way to handle the devastating news.

But one woman managed to at least get some revenge on her unfaithful boyfriend when she confronted him about his cheating – as she was able to see the look of horror on his face when she handed him printed copies of messages he’d sent to several other women.

A Reddit user found video footage of the exchange on Facebook which shows the woman handing her boyfriend a gift bag, only for him to discover the present inside wasn’t what he was expecting.

In the footage, the man’s face dropped as he realized what the pieces of paper were, and the woman said: “What are those? What are those?”

The cheater was left too stunned to speak, and the woman then pointed out he even lied to one woman and told her his girlfriend had died.

She continued: “Who died? Apparently, I died? Am I dead? What is this? What is this? This chick? Does she know? Apparently not.”

The man had no explanation for his actions, which only left his girlfriend more annoyed.

He was left too stunned to speak when he realized he’d been caught cheating
The man even told one woman his girlfriend had died

She then said: “You don’t have any explanation for what that is? Who are these people? I don’t know.

“These are from, what? This morning? ‘Okay babe, wanna hang out this weekend, I miss you.’ You told her I died?”

Instead of apologizing, the man simply stood up and walked away from his girlfriend and could be seen looking through a drawer in the kitchen before leaving.

The woman told him: “I’ve packed all your stuff already for you.”

On Reddit, the clip has received a whopping 1,700 comments, with many people left baffled by the man’s actions.

One wrote: “If you’re not happy with your current relationship and have already found a new person, why not just break up first? Why continue with someone you’re obviously not happy with that you have to cheat? I will never understand this.”

And another said: “I really don’t get it. If you fall for someone new, then respectfully dump the current person you’re dating if you don’t want to be with them as much as the new one. Unless you’re in an open relationship there’s no excuse for cheating.”

While other commenters shared their stories of people caught in outlandish lies.

Someone posted: “My friend was dating a guy and he died. She found out months later he faked his own death so he wouldn’t have to date her anymore. What happened to just breaking up?”

To which another replied: “A friend of mine’s ex faked amnesia to get out of their relationship. Why not channel all that extra energy they put into lying into something useful, like whittling? All these extra steps just to not have to say ‘I don’t like you, bye.’”

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