Cases of TREBLE in Scotland: 6 new infections and masks in schools, transport, and shops

Omicron: ‘Good cause for concern’

Sky News was told by Professor Sir Mark Walport who is a member the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies. “good cause to be concerned”Omicron.

He said it “makes sense to try and hold it back”It will, however. “impossible to stop it spreading around the world if it is much more infectious than the Delta variant”.

He stated that the best thing for people in the UK was to get vaccines and wear masks.

He was asked if it would be a good idea to require people to wear masks when they go to restaurants or pubs. While it is clearly not possible to drink and eat while wearing a mask, it is possible to move about.

“We know infection occurs in enclosed spaces indoors, and as the temperature drops, people will be more inclined to stay indoors, and less likely to open their windows.

“So if you’re going to wear masks in shops, it makes sense to wear them in other places as well.”

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