Carrie Underwood Allegedly Had ‘Worst Fight Ever’ With Husband, Marriage Supposedly Struggling, Sketchy Rumors Say

Are Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher struggling to make their marriage work? The tabloids would have you believe that the couple is hanging on by a thread. Let’s check in on the country star and her hockey pro hubby.

Carrie Underwood Hoping To Save Her Marriage?

Last year, the National Enquirer reported Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher were on “thin ice,” and Underwood was hoping that her upcoming Las Vegas residency would put them in a better place. “For too many years, they were headed in opposite directions. They were halfway across the country from each other, and it really put a strain on their marriage. Settling down in Las Vegas seemed like the best compromise,” an insider revealed.

But looking at how strong the couple was coming out of quarantine, we weren’t immediately seeing the need for concern. According to Underwood, she and her husband were doing better than ever. We’re sure it’s a plus that Fisher is going to get to see more of his wife since she’ll be staying put during her residency, but we seriously doubted their marriage was ever at risk over it.

Mike Fisher Upset Over Vegas Residency?

A few months later, the Enquirer changed its tune about Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher’s marriage. This time, the couple was actually at odds over Underwood’s residency. While the singer was looking forward to having her husband come with her to Las Vegas, Fisher didn’t want to be a stay-at-home dad. “She wants him to look after the kids and be available when she needs support, but he’s a bit jealous and doesn’t like being Mr. Underwood,” the tipster explained.

Of course, we weren’t buying into the outlet’s antiquated notions about relationships. We were certain that Fisher and Underwood weren’t fighting about who makes more money and who takes care of the kids. Not to mention, Underwood has been a superstar the full 11 years that they’ve been married. Why would Fisher suddenly resent Underwood for having a successful career? This story just wasn’t making sense.

Carrie Underwood ‘Stormed Out’?

And most recently, Life & Style reported Underwood was “trapped in a bad marriage” to Fisher. Apparently, Fisher was feeling neglected at the recent CMT Awards as his wife ate up all of the attention. “Mike is seeing even less of Carrie. He goes crazy thinking about all the guys she’s working closely with,” one source confided. And when Underwood revealed she added more dates to her Vegas residency, Fisher snapped. “It was the worst fight they’ve ever had, and Carrie stormed out that night.”

But we still had no reason to believe the tabloid’s story. While these outlets are betting on Fisher to one day wake up and realize that he hates Underwood’s career, that just doesn’t seem like it’s in the cards. Fisher is constantly shouting out Underwood on social media and celebrating her accomplishments, so we just aren’t seeing where these magazines are getting their ideas. Until one of these outlets has any evidence for all of this rumored tension, it’s safe to say Underwood and Fisher are doing just fine.

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