Carol Vorderman shares rare snap of lookalike daughter as she reminisces about NASA trip

Carol Vorderman has taken to social media to share a rare snap with her daughter Katie King.

This stunning throwback photo was taken when they first travelled together to America.

Carol and her scientist-daughter interviewed NASAs deputy director Vanessa Wyche, former Director NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Colleen Hartman and astronaut trainer Grier Wit.

The two appeared on BBC Morning Live on Thursday to highlight the achievements of these women and how they are connected to the US space program.

Vanessa stated that 40% of Nasa’s staff are women, and that it is their goal to send the first woman to the moon by 2024.

Carol and her daughter appeared on BBC's Morning Live today to shine a spotlight on the inspirational women and also how they are involved in the US space programme
Carol and her daughter appeared on BBC’s Morning Live today to shine a spotlight on the inspirational women and also how they are involved in the US space programme

Grier then showed her how astronauts train in a pool which recreates the feeling of floating through space.

Carol expressed her pride in Cameron’s accomplishments last week, after he overcome ‘endless bullying’ and received his masters.

Carol posted a series on Twitter celebrating her son’s success, explaining his special education journey.

She spoke to her followers on social media about her son’s special needs and how they helped him overcome them.

Carol expressed how proud of her son she was
The Countdown icon recently expressed how proud she is of her son Cameron

In the first post she shared two childhood snaps of Cameron who is now 24, before sharing his early schooling days.

She said: “My son Cameron was a happy toddler.

“Before and after he started school it became clear that he had severe special educational needs.

“No school would accept him. I was going to give up work to teach him but even I couldn’t teach a child with his severe needs.”

Carol and Katie
Katie doesn’t often make an appearance on Carol’s social media pages

She then said in a video: “He struggled, and when I say struggled, it was off the scale. I had to find him a special school, if you like.”

Carol said that despite Cameron being very bright, his learning abilities were ‘different to normal’ and he required extra help.

She posted another collection of photos where she called her son ‘The Master’ where she said: “It’s hard for these kids. They get bullied and told they’re ‘odd’ when really they have a superpower, they see the world a different way.”

She posted a photo of a cake that she had made for her son where she captioned it: “Cam stuck with it, through endless bullying, changed school, developed strategies to learn.

“He got a first class honours degree in animation, and now he has just received his masters degree in animation and video effects.

“I could not be more proud of him and I love him to bits, but I’m also a very proud mum because I know just how much he struggled to get there.”

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