Captain America 4 could be the closest we get to Avengers 5


If there’s one thing missing in the MCU’s Phase 4, it’s the Avengers. We’re about to see the sixth Phase 4 movie, just as the seventh Disney PlusMCU TV shows are nearing their final episode. Marvel has tried to ignore the Avengers, but it is not being heard. However, a new rumor suggests that Captain America 4Many superheroes might appear, bringing us as close as we can to the ultimate goal. Avengers 5The movie we long for.

MCU rumors continue to be rumors. Expect some spoilers in the future.

The MCU’s big Avengers plot hole

With each MCU installment that fails to explain why the Avengers do not intervene, Marvel’s Avengers plot hole is getting bigger and bigger. This has been an issue we have addressed before. We recently discussed the amazing events in some of the MCU’s most recent installments. Moon Knight episodes. The finale is especially striking, as we don’t get any sort of Avengers interaction with the brand new superhero that caused quite a ruckus in Egypt.

Also, the Avengers are real and do exist. We all know this. The Falcon, and the Winter Soldier. That’s where the Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) worked together in official Avengers capacity to protect the GRC. You must watch the entire show before you go. Captain America 4, as that’s where Sam Wilson accepts the Captain America role.

(L-R): Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Stephen Strange and Benedict Wong as Wong in Marvel Studios’ DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS. Image source: Marvel Studios

Separately, Shang-ChiAnd Doctor Strange 2Also, we got a taste of Avengers action. These two projects feature Benedict Wong (Wong) as Wong. However, this isn’t enough to sustain the MCU. As the Avengers hold this universe of stories together, this is not enough.

Marvel isn’t ready to announce an Avengers 5Or any other type of crossover that would bring about the desired result Avengers-like action. That’s because it’s still working on independent characters that will be part of future superhero groups.

Why? Captain America 4Can be an Avengers story

Marvel isn’t even ready to announce the Captain America 4Release date. The movie’s release date and the start date of the film are unknown. A new rumor suggests that the sequel will have multiple heroes and could even be an Avengers mini-movie.

This is an unconfirmed assumption RumorWe don’t know where it came from. But it does make sense because there’s plenty of precedent in the MCU so far.

First, we already know the origin story for this Captain America version. The Falcon, and the Winter SoldierThis is what they do. And it’s a TV show you’ll have to watch to understand why Sam wasn’t thrilled to accept the new title. This is how he became Captain America.

That’s why Captain America 4 can’t be another origin story. The next chapter in Sam Wilson’s superhero days has to be something bigger, where he actually starts leading the Avengers. After all, Cap is one of the Avengers’ leaders. Sam will be able to show us what the Avengers can accomplish under his command.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) in Marvel Studios’ The Falcon, and the Winter Soldier. Source: Marvel Studios

And, most importantly: The Winter SoldierAnd especially Civil WarCan be considered mini Avengers movies. They’re two of the best MCU movies to date, featuring plenty of Avengers cameos. They tell important stories and set up an incredible story. Infinity WarAnd Endgame.

That’s not to say that Captain America 4must be equally crucial for the upcoming Avengers 5. It could be the closest thing to a brand new one. AvengersSince the dawn of time, adventure Endgame.

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