Busy Philipps says she ‘can’t be a stage mom’ during her Child Birdie’s first acting gig

  • Busy Philipps’ eldest child Birdie will appear in Amazon’s upcoming dramedy “With Love.”
  • Philipps stated to Insider that her children might act differently because she’s not there. “can’t be a stage mom.”
  • The “Girls5eva”Star is also a dog mom, and promotes NBC’s “National Dog Show”Gina with her dog, Gina.

On December 17, Busy Philipps’ eldest child, Birdie, will make their acting debut in Gloria Calderón Kellett’s upcoming Amazon Prime dramedy “With Love.”However, don’t be surprised if Philipps takes on the role. “stage mom”Soon.

Promoting “The National Dog Show”Presented by Purina for NBCPhilipps also addressed the story of Birdie’s first screen role. She told Insider that Calderón Kellett, who she’s known since she was 19, asked Philipps if Birdie would want to audition for a non-binary character on the show because “representation’s important.”Philipps revealed in January that Birdie was gay at the age of 10 and asked to be called with they/them pronouns. 

Philipps said she felt the same way. “safe” with her child in Calderón Kellett’s hands. Birdie and Birdie then read together two scripts. “loved them,”Birdie auditioned, and was offered the part.

The “Girls5eva”Star isn’t too keen to have children, but he does enjoy being in the entertainment industry. “I got to be honest with you, I don’t know how much acting Birdie’s going to do,” Philipps said.

“They’re fantastic,”She mentioned Birdie’s acting talents. “But I can’t be a stage mom.”

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As of right now, it doesn’t appear that acting is a top priority for Birdie or Cricket. Philipps stated that her children have been very supportive. “more important things to worry about”Like their next job. “how am I going to get tickets to the last Harry Styles show in Long Island?”

While she might not like being a mom on stage, she does love it. “Dawson’s Creek”The actor is available to talk about being a dog mother. Philipps’ dog Gina was with her at the event.


interview, and Phillips told Insider she gladly uses Gina to fend off overly personal questions that she’d rather not answer — like when she’s been asked whether she was going to have more kids.

Busy Philips and dog Gina

Philipps poses with Gina, her dog.

Courtesy Busy Philipps

“I always would roll my eyes at the question, because it’s so invasive,” Philipps said. “But I’m happy for people to ask me if I’m going to have more dogs, because the answer is yes.”

“The National Dog Show”Present by Purina airs Thursday, right after the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on NBC. “National Dog Show Junior”Peacock and On-Demand will stream at 2:05 p.m. ET

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