Bunny’s killers in Only Murders in the Building


Only Murders in the Building has returned to our screens after the huge success of its debut season.

Season 1 featured the murder of Tim Kono, which was a dominant theme. This proved to be a challenge for Charles Oliver and Mabel in their first podcast as true crime podcasters.

This time, however, the gang find themselves at the heart of the case after the Arconia’s board president, Bunny, was found dead in Mabel’s apartment.

Who could have murdered Bunny in Only Murders in the Building, we wonder? Let’s dive in and take a look at what we know so far and who the potential suspects are.

Season 2 Trailer | Season 2 Trailer | Hulu



Season 2 Trailer | Season 2 Trailer | Hulu






The mystery of Only Murders in the Building season 2.

Season 2 of Only Murders in the Building centers on Bunny Folger’s assassination. He was the arconia’s moody, savage board president.

Bunny’s death was revealed in the final moments of season 1 and the new instalment picks up the action with Charles, Oliver and Mabel being questioned about the killing.

Mabel begins as the police’s chief suspect as Bunny stumbled into Mabel’s apartment after being stabbed with a knitting needle and dying on her floor.

The killing matches Mabel’s recurring dream of killing an intruder with her knitting needle while Bunny also died while wearing an official tie-dye hoodie of the Only Murders in the Building podcast, something highly unusual as she definitely was not a fan of the trio’s antics.

Bunny was able, before she succumbed, to speak two words to Mabel. “14” “Savage”This suggests that Charles-Haden Savage (who lives on the 14th floor at the Arconia) may be involved.

An extra layer has been added to the mystery this time as someone appears to be attempting to frame the podcast trio, with a priceless painting appearing in Charles’ apartment after it went missing from Bunny’s bedroom.

Bunny’s killers in Only Murders in the Building

Bunny is not the only suspect in the Arconia. There are hundreds of residents. Mabel also joked that Bunny was most hated at the Arconia in season 1.

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer plays a fictionalized version of herself in season 2.

She has moved into Sting’s former apartment and reveals to Oliver that she is a big fan of the Only Murders podcast and is hoping to buy the rights so that she can turn it into a TV series.

In episode 2, the elusive painting from Bunny’s apartment appears in Amy’s new place but it’s revealed to be a fake.


Played by Cara Delevigne, Alice is a puzzling new arrival in season 2 as we’re yet to learn too much about her.

Mabel was an avid art lover and quickly began to take a liking to Mabel’s mural on her apartment wall. After their first meeting, sparks flew between the two of them.

Bunny’s death seems intrinsically linked to her missing Rose Cooper painting and as an art enthusiast, Alice can’t be forgotten.

And after season 1, where the murderer was romantically linked to one of our trio, who’s to say the writers won’t try to pull the same trick this time around?

Cinda Canning

Our trio of friends, Cinda Canning (podcast goddess) inspired them to create their own podcast on the case Tim Kono.

In season 2, she and her avid assistant Polly are actively looking into Bunny’s murder and have started their own rival podcast that hopes to unearth the truth before Charles, Oliver and Mabel.

Howard and Uma

The gossiping residents of the Arconia were the two closest things Bunny had to friends before she was killed but Howard and Uma fall under suspicion after we see them sneaking into Bunny’s apartment to search for the missing painting, said to be worth $1 million.


Another new arrival in season 2 is the Arconia’s new board president, taking on the role following Bunny’s death.

Bunny’s sister is said to be a more vile piece of work than Bunny. Bunny joins the list of suspects because she certainly benefited from the murder.

Episode 3 showed that Nina was supposed replace Bunny at her retirement ceremony. But Bunny changed her mind, leaving Nina furious and giving her good reasons to want Bunny gone.

But giving Nina so much focus this early on in the season seems to us like she’s being made red herring, especially as she has no apparent link to the Rose Cooper painting.

Someone else has yet to be introduced

Last season’s killer, Amy Ryan’s Jan, was only introduced in episode 3 so it’s entirely possible that we have not met Bunny’s killer just yet.

Our top suspects

After the first three episodes of season 2, Amy Schumer and Cinda Canning are our two front runners in Bunny’s murder case.

So much of Bunny’s death is related to things that only fans of Charles, Oliver and Mabel’s podcast would know; namely, the recurring dream of killing someone with a knitting needle and the fact that Bunny was wearing one of the podcast’s official tie-dye hoodies.

Amy and Cinda were both able to listen to the podcast. Amy plans to make the series into a TV series. Cinda will be starting her own rival podcast to search for the killer.

Amy’s potential motivation would be to create a buzz around the TV series by creating a second murder victim. Charles would have to be unable to appear in the Brazzos reboot if she wants the original podcast cast to return to the TV series. This would explain why the gang is being framed.

Cinda, meanwhile, has promised to give weekly updates to listeners of her own podcast while she investigates Bunny’s death in real-time. She could have even staged the murder to keep her promise of weekly updates.

Although Cinda is the god of podcasts, the series shows that she can be mean to her assistant and may be trying to destroy a new podcast.

It should also be noted that Cara Delevigne’s Alice could be a dark horse in the murder case too. We know very little about her and her potential motivation for killing Bunny at this stage, but she does reference Mabel’s knitting needle, suggesting that she too has listened to the podcast. She may also be an art lover and have some information about the Rose Cooper painting that was lost.

Season 2 is now available on streaming Hulu Disney+After premiering June 28, 2022.

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