Builder successfully solves “housing crisis” with tiny two-bedroom home on wheels

Chris Metcalf, from Falmouth, has built a two-bedroom transportable house that has all the same necessities as regular property. It is made of metal and wood and is on sale for £50,000

House on wheels

The house on wheels is up for sale for £50,000 and is stylishly decorated throughout.A home builder believes his pint-sized property built on wheels and sale for £50K is the solution to the housing crisis.

This unusual property is made from metal and wood, and it has all the same features as a regular house. However, it’s built on a trailer.

Because it can be attached directly to a car, the tiny Cornish house is a perfect holiday home.

The property, located in Falmouth, includes a fully equipped navy kitchen and stylish grey bathrooms.

The property also includes two bedrooms that are perfect for families, as well as a living area. It also features electricity and plumbing throughout.

The kitchen has all of the necessary appliances with the cabinets being on-trend navy.
The property uses up all of the space smartly and even has two floors.

Chris Metcalf, the brains behind the property, believes homes such as this could be the key to ending the housing crisis.

The UK is experiencing a record number of people being unable to purchase a home. However, this could change if more homes like this were built.

The home’s advertisement reads: “The Tiny House On Wheels” is a unique, locally-made, and innovative housing solution.

“Built on top of a purpose-built steel chassis for ease of transporting to its forever home, the Tiny House is ideal for additional guest accommodation, a den for teenagers, or even a work from the home study!

“Popular with buyers looking for an additional Air B & B type income, the Tiny House On Wheels can be parked on private land (subject to local planning consents) and mains Electrics and water hook up capability.

“The Tiny House has everything you need for comfortable day-to-day living, with a fully fitted kitchen and bathroom, a double bedroom, and a single bedroom.

The bathroom includes a bath and has a grey theme throughout.
The house has a living room and has been finished to a high standard.
The two bedrooms mean that it is ideal for a family getaway.

“The Tiny House is both stylish and finished to a high specification and is to be sold complete with fixtures and fittings.”

The property is being marketed by Martin & Co. and is on sale for £50,000.

The home was built by Mr. Metcalf, an electrician. It is listed on Rightmove.

He said: ‘“ think it’s a cool idea. There’s a shortage of properties in the South West at the moment.

”Families who might want extra accommodation, but don’t want to or can’t buy a bigger house or move home – this would be ideal.”

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