BTS Book Spoiler: Jin tells how he got ‘tricked into’ joining Bangtan Boys

BTS’ new book Beyond The Story was released on July 9th and since then, fans have been taking it to social media to talk about the stories that the new book offers to BTS ARMY. Here we look at top BTS Book spoilers from Beyond The Story including Jin’s surprising revelation about BigHit Entertainment!

After an emotional BTS Festa ceremony, ARMY aka the fandom of the biggest K-pop boy group in the world received another gift from the Butter Crooners who released their ten-year record book Beyond The Story on ARMY’s official birthday on July 9. This book is not just a look at the lives of each member, but it also shows how they grew and navigated fame and success.

BTS spoiler: Jin reveals top secret

One of the biggest BTS book spoilers that fans are talking about is Jin’s surprising revelation about BigHit Entertainment. BTS’ oldest member recalls his recruitment into Bangtan Boys. The oldest claims that he was ‘fooled’ into joining the band.

Jin claims his label BigHit Entertainment promised him that he would get acting opportunities as soon as he signed up with the band. “Look at how idols these days go into acting, we’ll let you become an actor eventually. That’s how they convinced me. They were very persuasive,” Jin was candid in sharing.

Jin’s parents once suggested ‘farm life’ for him

Jin was born in Gwacheon and shares with us that his life didn’t change much when he moved to Seoul. He was once told by his parents to move out into the country.

“My parents said, “Let’s try different things to see what you have an aptitude for.” And that my granddad, grandma, and uncle were farmers, so why not try farming for a bit? That’s how I ended up growing strawberries and melons for a month. I did so much pruning for the melons that I didn’t want to eat melons for a long time after that.”

Where to get BTS’ new book

BTS’ new book Beyond The Story has been released across the globe and fans can order the hardcopy of the book from Amazon. Kindle versions of the book are also available in French, Spanish and other languages.

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