Bronx Apartment Fire: What can you do to help victims of the devastating flame that killed 8 children and 9 adults?

Monday saw a flood of donations as New York City recovered from the devastating apartment fire that claimed the lives of at least eight children and nine adults.

Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro said Monday at least two doors in the 19-story building were malfunctioning, and did not automatically close as they were supposed to during Sunday’s catastrophic inferno. Thirteen people were affected. “clinging to their lives”He said that he was in the vicinity of hospitals.

Officials said that the fire started from an electric heater that was not working properly, injuring scores of people.

Meanwhile, leaders from the community rushed to help those affected by the blaze. The complex includes 120 units. 

Many victims are Muslim migrants from Gambia, West African nation. Eric Adams, Mayor of Gambia, urged everyone to seek help and assured that their information would never be disclosed to immigration authorities.

“We just want, right now, to give the families the support they deserve,”He said. “And let the marshals do their job to determine what happened here.”

These are some of the ways that survivors can be helped:

GoFundMe campaign To date, more than $500,000. has been raised to support the Gambian Youth Organization.

The Bronx Democratic Party is accepting gift card donations for transportation, meal deliveries and laundry services at its drop-off sites.


The Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City accepts monetary donations here.

Alessandra Bigaggi, Democratic State Sen., shared several locations in the borough where donations are accepted via Twitter.

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