Brittany Daniel, Sweet Valley High School’s Senior, reveals how her sister helped her have a baby

Brittany Daniel, Sweet Valley High School's Senior, reveals how her sister helped her have a baby

Brittany Daniel, a twin, and Cynthia Daniel, a single mother, have shared all their experiences since the day they were born. Interview with PeopleCynthia published her story on January 5th, stating that she donated her eggs after suffering from stage IV non-Hodgkin lymphoma. “I saw it as such a simple gift I could give to her,”Cynthia said. “I know Brittany would do it in a split second for me. And we’ve always shared everything, so why not this?”

Brittany stated that she did not imagine she would be in a position to become pregnant by herself and believed she would. “the first to get married and start a family”Cynthia was the one who chose to have a family instead. She married Cole Hauser in 2006 and started a family. Cynthia has three children with her husband. However, Brittany’s attitude toward marriage and family changed after she was diagnosed with cancer more than a decade ago.

“I remember thinking that I had a new lease on life,”She agreed. “I was ready to find a partner and have a child.”Brittany asked Cynthia if she would donate her eggs, which Cynthia agreed to do. “didn’t hesitate.”Brittany also said that she was “grateful”Cynthia for her support in helping her become mom. Brittany and Adam Touni were blessed with Hope by surrogacy. “My sister made my dreams come true,”Brittany said so to the outlet.

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