Britney Spears Speaks Out After Father Jamie Is Removed As Conservator

Soon after, he filed to replace her father Jamie with professional fiduciary Jason Rubin as conservator of her estate.

“Less than two weeks ago, we pledged that after 13 years of the status quo, my firm and I would move aggressively and expeditiously to file a petition to suspend and remove James P. Spears,” After a July 26 hearing, Mathew spoke to reporters. “We have done so, in less than two weeks. We look forward to litigating the matter in court.”

Her father, in turn, said he was “willing” to step down “when the time is right,” according to a court filing obtained by E! News. Jamie also submitted a petition to the court asking for an end to her conservatorship. It read, “If Ms. Spears wants to terminate the conservatorship and believes that she can handle her own life, Mr. Spears believes that she should get that chance.” 

Jamie maintains he put Britney’s best interests first. E! obtained the statement of his lawyer. News on Sept. 28, “Jamie loves Britney unwaveringly and wants only the best for her. He will never stop loving or supporting his daughter.”

The attorney added, “All of his actions were well within the parameters of the authority conferred upon him by the court.” 

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