Britney Spears’ Legal Team Is Taking Shots At Dad Jamie Spears Again

Britney Spears’ Legal Team Is Taking Shots At Dad Jamie Spears Again

When Britney Spears’ father Jamie The court removed itMany of her fans viewed her as her primary conservator in September. That would mark the end of his involvement.In the ongoing story about his daughter’s independence. Some news outlets reported that her father’s legal team would pursue litigation against her for the abuse she suffered while under his care. While no such suit has been confirmed to be filed, the younger Spears’ attorneys have spoken out on Jamie Spears’ behavior – and it’s not exactly complimentary.

According to The Blast Britney Spears’ legal team released a statement decrying the actions of her father and former conservator Jamie Spears. These new legal documents delineate Jamie’s supposed misdeeds against his daughter, and assert that history will not remember him in a kind light. The statement includes the following:

M. Spears can’t avoid being disgraced as a suspended Conservator no matter how much he attempts to rewrite history and avoid discovery and deposition.

Jamie Spears had requested that Britney’s conservatorship be lifted last September, a marked shift from his earlier views. Matthew Rosengart, Britney Spears’ attorney, alleged that this change of heart was an attempt to salvage his reputation and avoid further legal inquiries. Vivian L. Thoreen (at the time Jamie Spears’ lawyer), denied this and said that he loves his daughter “unconditionally”And had only acted for her “best interests.”

While that may have been Jamie’s side of the story, Britney Spears (and just about everyone else) seemed to feel differently. She had repeatedly called out her family for unfair treatment and had For years, I have been petitioning the courtsJamie Spears must be removed from conservatorship. In Last June, her testimony in court, she said that her conservatorship had forced her to take medications and complete rehab programs that she did not want to participate in — not to mention refusing her control over her own body when it Things like birth control were introduced.. She said that she had wanted to marry and maybe have another child. However, her managers wouldn’t allow it.

The legal documents recently released by Britney Spears’ representation also speak more to accusations that Jamie bugged his daughter’s bedroom:

It became apparent at Mr. Spears’ ignominious but necessary and appropriate suspension of the toxic conservatorship he corrupted that because of his dilatory and disorganized production of files (which fail to include his communications concerning the alleged (a) contemporaneous real-time eavesdropping on phones used by Ms. Spears via iCloud mirroring of those phones and (b) placing an illicit listening device in Ms. Spears’ bedroom to capture communications.

Although there haven’t been any official announcements regarding the possibility of Jamie Spears being sued, there are good chances Britney Spears will prevail. Britney’s longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari recently proposed to the pop star. You can view the photos.

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