British Airways customers stranded in planes after IT glitch cancels flights

British Airways’ passengers are fuming after being stuck on the runway due to an alleged ‘technical error’.

This afternoon the website went down and many were unable to check into their flights.

BA passengers have been unable to check in for their flights after the website went down


The website has been down for BA flights, and passengers are unable check in.

The IT issues are still preventing passengers from leaving their planes.

A woman reported being stranded in Zurich Airport after her BA flight was not able to depart for Heathrow.

One wrote, “Major System failure as per our flight crew.” After 1 hour of taxiing, there are no bags and it is likely that no coaches will be available.

Third wrote: [BA] The systems were down so the crew was out of place and we didn’t know where to take up position.

Rachel, a passenger at Heathrow Airport said that being stuck on the tarmac while your system was down is ridiculous. While you work on your boarding system, let the planes leave.

Tim, a Twitter user wrote: “Standing on the Heathrow taxiway on BA 278 for over an hour with no prospects of moving because of another IT failure.”

British Airways cancelled several flights between 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm, including domestic flights as well as flights to Europe.


  • Amsterdam
  • Barcelona
  • Hamburg
  • Paris
  • Dusseldorf
  • Stuttgart
  • Nice
  • Marseille
  • Luxembourg
  • Milan
  • Naples

Travellers Upgrades to the system had prevented users from logging in earlier.

According to DownDetector hundreds of users reported an outage as early as this afternoon.

The British Airways website is not accessible at the moment as we are upgrading our system.

Later, the response was: “We are sorry that has been very busy and could not deal with your inquiry.”

It may be best to try at a different time if the first attempt doesn’t succeed.

Social media was flooded with angry passengers who complained that they couldn’t check in for their flight.

Maison says: “I am trying to check in, but neither the main website nor mobile app allow me to do so. The app says you’re very busy!

The other said: Flying is a great way to get away from the crowds. The website is not working. If it is not up and running before my flight, what will happen? They tell me that I’ll be a no-show because I changed the date two days ago.

Another third claimed that they tried to “check-in” for several hours without success.

A British Airways spokesperson told Sun Online Travel: “Our teams are working hard to resolve a technical issue that we’ve experienced this afternoon.

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“We apologise for the inconvenience and thank our customers for their patience.”

The airline said the flights would not be affected, and that passengers could check in at airports.

British Airways has apologised and told passengers to go to the airport if they are unable to check in online


British Airways has apologized to passengers who are not able to check in on the internet and instructed them to head to their airport.Credit: Getty

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