Britannia season three’s ending has left viewers with many questions.

Since it arrived on our screens in 2018, Sky’s Britannia has been a must-watch for fans of historical drama with that added hint of fantasy.

Britannia season three's ending has left viewers with many questions.

Britannia returns for its third season in 2021. This new season leans more in the direction of magic and fantasy as there is the possibility of rebellion against Romans.

Britannia season three’s ending has left viewers with many questions.

Britannia season 3 release date and plot

Season 3 of Britannia arrived on Sky Atlantic on August 24th and has been available to stream in full on-demand and via Now.

As Aulus’ relationship with the Roman invaders in the Celtic tribes gets worse, his wife, the charming Hemple, joins him on the scene.

Cait learns from Aulus that the Britannic Tribes could come together if she finds the sacred Spear of the Silver Dawn. It is the same spear that pierced Jesus’s neck during the crucifixion.

Lucius only knows the location of this secretive weapon, but it’s a problem. Cait discovers that there is a traitor in her midst.

Britannia season 3 ending explained

Fast-forwarding to episode 8, Cait is still searching for Lucius and his knowledge of the spear and she is joined by Ania, who is under the influence of a hex, placed upon her by Hemple.

Phelan, Rayne, and Divis are all captured by a group of druids who trespass on their land. They force them to prove their status as druids. Divis experiences a vision that shows Aulus taking Cait.

However, it’s not Ania who gives up Cait as Hemple’s hex on Ania is broken when Cait fights back against the demon, Lokka.

Cait experiences a vision of herself where she hears Veran and Islene telling her that the legions are with her. This could be her first step in unifying the Celtic tribes.

This sets up season 3’s dramatic climax as Cait returns to the Roman camp, with Queen Antedia troops for support, as she goes in search of Lucius and his knowledge of the spear.

And while Cait succeeds and Lucius whispers what he knows in her ear, we don’t get to hear what he says.

Cait’s timing couldn’t have been better as seconds later, she’s joined by Hemple who kills Lucius and wounds Cait.

Cait is quickly saved by Divis, the gang and they get her out of the camp. But it wasn’t for long.

It is now that we learn the identity of the prophecized traitor, it’s Divis himself, who was under the influence of Hemple after Ania had tied some of the mystical red string around his toe in an earlier episode.

The vision Divis had earlier of Aulus taking Cait was due to him, as he was the one who gave her up.

How the ending set up season 4

One thing we’ve not yet touched upon is the very last scene in episode 8 that sees Cait join Aulus in Rome, offering up a jaw-dropping cliffhanger to end the season.

If Britannia is renewed, the ending in Rome and the remaining plot threads (such as the spear) suggest that there may be room for a fourth series.

Britannia season three's ending has left viewers with many questions.

Britannia could be a minor part of season 4 if Aulus and Cait were to remain in Rome.

Fans have quickly begun to speculate about the final scene, with some suggesting that Cait could be an architect of Rome’s downfall from the inside by helping to influence the rise of Christianity with the spear.

Others have speculated that Rome’s final scene is a vision or a dream. This could show what might happen to Cait if he fails to unify the tribes and defeat Aulus.

Britannia season 3 is currently airing weekly on Sky Atlantic while fans can watch all eight episodes on-demand and via Now.


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