Britain warns to get your booster shot NOW for a normal Christmas, amid concerns about ‘nu variant’ risks and new restrictions

BRITS were notified to get booster shots NOW in order to have a normal Christmas.

Ministers have been furious at the rapid spread and expansion of a new super-strain, prompting them to call for fresh restrictions.

Brits have been told to get their boosters for a normal Christmas


Brits are advised to get their boosters in time for Christmas.Credit: EPA
Sajid Javid last night raised the risk of a winter squeeze


Last night, Sajid Jvid raised concern about a winter squeeze

Boris Johnson has so far held his nerve and resisted demands that he launches Plan B measures to mask-wear, work from home and create vaccine passports.

Last night, Sajid Javid raised the possibility of a winter squeeze when he told the nation: “If we need to go further we will.”

He gave a stark warning. “this pandemic is far from over”And that’s it! “Nu”Variant was of “huge international concern”.

According to the minister, early indications suggested that it is more infectious than Delta. This could also affect the effectiveness and safety of our vaccines.

As a call to all Brits, Mr Javid made a statement to MPs.

He stated that “we must continue to act cautiously and do all that we can to keep it at bay. Once you are eligible, get your booster shot.

“We’ve already given over 16 million booster shots. The booster jab was already important before we knew about this variant – but now, it could not be more important.

“So please, if you’re eligible get your booster shot, do not delay.”

Yesterday, more Brits than 25 percent had received a booster, with more than 80% of the over-70s.

After Central Recorder launched the Give Britain A Booster Campaign to encourage people get their third jab, this was a significant milestone.

Their data shows that they are working to eliminate the link between deaths and infections.

Daily figures show that hospitalisations and deaths have dropped 651 since last week.

Ministers insist that Christmas should be celebrated despite the dire warnings about the Nu variant, which has been found as close to Belgium as possible.

Grant Shapps stated today that school nativity plays can continue this Christmas, despite growing Covid concerns

The Transport Secretary dismissed doomster calls to cancel: “Let the nativity plays play on!”

He said, “Let the Nativity plays play on. That’s my view.” We didn’t have to go through three rounds and all the other necessary steps to make last Christmas special again.

“We weren’t able to get together as we should have done with our friends and families.”

Downing St said that there was “nothing in our data”Showing the need to go to Plan B.

The major milestone was passed after Central Recorder launched its Give Britain A Booster campaign


After Central Recorder’s Give Britain A Booster campaign, the major milestone was reached
Grant Shapps supports schools that put on Christmas plays

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