Bride’s Wedding Rules for Bridesmaids Include No Lipstick or Necklaces

  • TikToker Jully Patel shared rules her bridesmaids followed at her wedding in a viral video. 
  • The brides rules included no red lipstick or necklaces and a strict placement of bouquets. 
  • Patel told Insider her bridesmaids “loved” her rules, and 90% of TikTok responses were positive.

Jully Patel and her husband Shahil got married in August after five years of dating. Ever since, she’s been sharing wedding content on TikTok, such as the first-look with her in-laws and explaining why brides wear red in her culture. 

Patel, who told Insider she grew up in Florida and whose family originates from Gujarat in India, also uploaded a video sharing requirements her bridesmaids followed. Posted on February 1, the video has over 2.8 million views at the time of writing, and her account, @just.jully, has 224,400 followers. 

In the clip, Patel, 24, outlines the rules, including no red lipstick, no necklaces, making sure their saris are wrinkle-free, and holding bouquets at the waist. 

“I had requirements for my bridesmaids and this is what they were. Number one, no red lips. Number two, they had to wear the earrings that I got them and no necklaces,” Patel says in the clip. 

“Number three, their saris had to be steamed. Wrinkles are not cute,” she adds. “Bouquets should be held at the waist, not at above.” At that point, she jokes about how one of her bridesmaids “didn’t understand the assignment” because she forgot to hold the bouquet at the designated height. 

“I made a Pinterest with all the hairstyles and makeup looks that they can choose from,” Patel said. “They all looked so beautiful.”

Jully Patel's bridesmaids.

Flower bouquet placement and jewelry factored into Patel’s rules.

Peter Nguyen Studio

Patel told Insider the reasons behind each rule, and said she spoke with her bridesmaids beforehand to make sure everyone was comfortable with her vision. “I said no red lips because it just didn’t go with a look and it would’ve taken away from the simplicity of it,” Patel said. 

When it came to having no necklaces, Patel said she was inspired by Kendall Jenner. “I always think of Kendall Jenner because she always does something so simple,” she said. “No necklaces. I think that would’ve just gone way too much, especially with the embroidery already being on the blouse and the earrings themselves were really big.”

For the bouquet rule, the bride said a TikTok she saw months before her nuptials stuck with her, which was posted by a wedding photographer and recommended asking bridesmaids to hold bouquets lower to show off their outfits. Although, on her actual wedding day, she said she didn’t actually get too stressed when one of her bridesmaids forgot.

“It’s not even a big deal,” she said. “I found photos and I texted her. I was like, ‘You’re horrible,’ and we were just laughing about it.”

While all of her bridesmaids, who she said are her best friends, “respected” and “loved” her rules, Patel said 10% of the people in her comments had an issue with them, going so far as to frame her as a “bridezilla.”

Jully Patel's wedding party.

Patel, her husband, and their wedding party.

Peter Nguyen Studio

“With the whole bridezilla thing, I think that word just needs to be, like, canceled,” she said. “When it comes to such a stressful event that’s hyped up for your whole life, it’s the bride who’s kind of doing everything, making sure everything goes as planned. It’s so much stress that naturally you’re kind of gonna get flustered.”

Patel said requirements can help everything go more smoothly on the big day. Having gone through the whole process herself, her advice for brides-to-be is “to have fun.”

“Let it go and everything just falls into place because you can’t control everything,” she said. “Leading up to it, go ahead and plan as you wish. But when the time comes, I think it’s important to just be present with you and your person you’re marrying because that’s all that matters.” 

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