Brian Wilson Confined To A Wheelchair After Multiple Surgeries Due to Back Problems?

Has Brian Wilson Did lose his mobility because of crippling back pain? One magazine claims the former Beach Boy won’t ever walk again. Let’s take a closer look at the rumor.

Brian Wilson ‘Confined To A Wheelchair’What is the best way to get started?

This week, GlobeBrian Wilson, a Beach Boys member, is reported to be a “prisoner in his own body” Due to severe back pain, “devastating emotional disorders.”Sources inform the magazine that each step is painful for the singer. “rarely ventures out of his house and can no longer drive,” Addition “Brian can still play piano and sing. But that’s about it.”

Brian Wilson Confined To A Wheelchair After Multiple Surgeries Due to Back Problems?

Wilson has had several surgeries to treat his back problems, but nothing has helped his pain. “I have been having some issues with my back that has very recently gotten worse,” Wilson tweets after he has been delayed from his 2018 tour “It runs in my family. [My brother] Carl had back problems as well. My doctors have told me that I need to have back surgery immediately.”

The magazine then recounts the many pitfalls of Wilson’s journey that have landed him in such a poor condition. But the outlet admits that a representative for Wilson has denied that he’s been crippled by his health issues. According to the rep, he “is not in any pain whatsoever” However “for a few years” He used “a walking device to get around.”

Brian Wilson, Left ‘A Wreck’Multiple Surgeries

This report is misleading. Wilson isn’t in a wheelchair. The tabloid used the photo was taken in 2016His back problems were getting worse. Wilson appears to have made great strides in the last five years. Wilson even sang in the midst of a hurricane. This week, we returned to the road and he is back on track. It’s obvious Wilson is fully capable of getting around day-to-day, and he certainly isn’t “trapped in a wheelchair” According to the outlet.

Brian Wilson Confined To A Wheelchair After Multiple Surgeries Due to Back Problems?

But Wilson isn’t just performing. He is also an author. The documentary was published over the summer His life experiences. The film received a lot of attention and featured appearances by Elton John, Nick Jonas, and Bruce Springsteen. Linda Perry was also in the film. At 79 years old, the musician still isn’t retired. The tabloid instead of celebrating the musician’s achievements exploited his past health issues for financial gain. This outlet’s intentions were completely shameful, and nothing it says should be taken seriously.

The Tabloid: Celebrity Health Issues

This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve caught the Globe fibbing about celebrities’ health. The outlet reported earlier this year that there were “grave fears” for Dick Van Dyke’s health. Then the magazine alleged Kirstie Alley’s friends were fearing for her health after her recent weight gain. Tanya Tucker was also reported by the tabloid. “last legs.” And more recently, the outlet claimed the Rolling Stones’ latest tour could be devastating to their health. Evidently, the Globe has no expertise and shouldn’t be trusted when it comes to stories about celebrity health.

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