Brian May Queen guitarist helicopter landing on pitch Stopped Cricket match!

After a helicopter landed on a cricket pitch in Cornwall, May stopped play.

Brian May, Queen guitarist, and Anita May, 72, arrived by chopper to attend a wedding.

As they walked out of the helicopter, the pair seemed unperturbed and walked along the field to where a vehicle was waiting for them to transport them to their destination.

They were attending the wedding of Queen drummer Roger Taylor’s doctor daughter Rory in Mawnan Smith, a village in south Cornwall.

This caused a delay in the match between Falmouth CC 2nds & Helston 2nds in Cornwall Cricket League. The play was halted for several minutes.

Brian May Queen guitarist helicopter landing on pitch Stopped Cricket match!

After disturbing the cricket match, Brian May walks off Falmouth’s outfield

Mick Davidson, who was present at the club to see his son Connor, explained. The packet heard the helicopter in the trees behind him.

“I had no idea it was coming to land, to be honest, with it being so low and close I thought it was the air ambulance,” He said.

“It came over the trees and was going land, last thing on my mind was taking a photo, it was coming down so close, all the grit and leaf debris was blown up and into my car, I had the roof down, so was a bit blinded by that and was being buffeted by the downdraft. He landed and shut down. Was then obviously it wasn’t the air ambulance.

“The pilot got out and opened the rear door to let his passengers out, no idea, initially, who it was because his back was to me, but I thought the hair looked like Brian May’s.

“He turned and instantly recognized Anita. After helping her out, he walked to the car. The process was so quick that I had no time to search for my phone or log in to my smartphone.”

Unfortunately for Falmouth the appearance of May, who co-founded the famous band with Taylor and lead singer Freddie Mercury, didn’t end in a rendition of ‘We are the champions.

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