Brian Laundrie updates – John Walsh In Pursuit episode airs about missing fiance as Gabby Petito vigils held across US


“I’m so sorry, officer,” he called out as Petito opens the door.

Gabby is visibly emotional while trying to explain to the officer about what she and Laundrie were arguing over.

She said. Sobbing: “I’m OCD. I was just cleaning up and straightening.”

I apologized to him, saying that sometimes OCD makes me mean and frustrates me.

“Not like mean towards him, I guess my vibe is like in a bad mood and I said I’m sorry I’m in a bad mood I am stressed I had so much work.”

Body language expert Logan Portenier, known as Observe on YouTube, said Gabby appeared to be genuinely shaken up in police body camera footage captured after the altercation.

Portenier speculated, based on her demeanor: “This doesn’t seem to be an abuse situation of Brian abusing her, at least with strikes that could leave physical evidence.

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