Brave Officer Rescued 79-Year-Old Man From House on Fire!

A brave officer rescued an elderly man from a burning house. His body camera recorded the smokey footage and his quick actions that saved a man’s existence.  

This month, Officer Tony Becker from the Port Washington Police Department was surveying his regular route when crackling sounds led him to a house ablaze.

Brave Officer Rescued 79-Year-Old Man From House on Fire!

He made his way towards the home when an elderly woman ran out of the garage. She was panicked and told the officer that her husband was unable to get out of the house.


Bodycam footage revealed Becker’s next moves as he acted quickly to save the trapped man. Black smoke surrounded the house as the officer searched for the 79-year-old.

In the footage, Becker called out for the man and tracked him down inside the home. The officer then directed the man to lie down on the ground.


Both of them lay low to avoid the increasing cloud of smoke. The officer told the man to listen to his voice, and that he would have him dragged out. Becker asked Becker if the man was still holding onto him.

The elderly man’s soft voice could be heard as he managed a faint, “yeah.” The officer managed to get the man to safety before either of them suffered severe injuries.


Both Becker and the elderly man were treated for smoke inhalation. Becker, devoted to his job, was back on his shift hours later after doctors cleared him.

Captain Craig Czarnecki works as the Port Washington Police Department’s administrative chief and was proud to see Becker’s quick actions. Czarnecki said: “He put himself in harm’s way. He did a great job and helped save somebody.”


The rescue story garnered many messages of thanks and appreciation for Officer Becker after he saved the man from a burning house. One user wrote: “Thank you for your courage and dedication to saving their lives! A true hero!”

Another netizen expressed that they were “incredibly proud of this young man.” They added: “This is how the world can and should look at our first responders. Thank you, officer Becker!”


The Port Washington Police Department shared the story on their Facebook page. The post read: “We are thankful Officer Becker was in the area so quickly, and despite the dangers presented, was able to affect a rescue of the resident inside.”

The post also contained a cautionary note from the police department for homeowners. They stated: “House fires are dangerous scenes that can quickly become deadly.” Officer Becker was alert, ready, and able to perform his duties when it was most important.

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