Brandy Reprises the ‘Cinderella” Role in New Disney Movie

Brandy Reprises the 'Cinderella" Role in New Disney Movie

Brandy fans have learned anything is “possible.” In the Disney+ movie T, she will reprise her role as CinderellaHe PocketwatchAfter appearing in the role of the humble princess, Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella In 1997 Variety reported. The popular song was used in the musical movie. Descendants Franchise, Mia Baker portrays Chloe, the bright but inquisitive daughter of Cinderella and Prince Charming alongside Kylie Cantrall playing Red, rebellious teenager daughter of Queen of Hearts. After chaos broke out at a celebration in Auradon, they meet one another. Together they must stop an impending coup using a pocket watch made by the Mad Hatter.

Although it received mixed reviews at first, Cinderella as one the finest fairy tale adaptions has won widespread recognition. This is part of a special 20/20 Broadcast, cast members reunited August 23, 2022 for the reunion. Cinderella’s ReunionThe movie was then aired for the first time in almost twenty years. Because of the diverse cast and casting of Cinderella as Cinderella (a Black actress was especially chosen), Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella Considered a “groundbreaking” film. In 2019, Rob Marshall, the film’s choreographer, announced that African-American singer Halle Bailey would portray Princess Ariel in his live-action/CGI version of The Little Mermaid. Brandy responded to Bailey’s question the next year by giving her advice. “I think she needs to understand that she has everything that it takes to do everything that she’s meant to do…she should stay true to herself.”People who loved the film are overjoyed about the news, and they shared their enthusiasm all over social media. Check out the reactions of enthusiastic Twitter users.

“Exactly what we were looking for in casting.

Twitter user One expressed support for the decision and tweeted his appreciation “Brandy was Cinderella in 1997, I’m happy we’re getting an actor reprising their classic role from over 2 decades ago before the “Wake up” mob took over. She’s exactly the kind of casting we’ve been needing.”


“This is only logical.”

A second Twitter user enthusiastically commented. “Hell yeah! there has never been a better portrayal of Cinderella since her, so this only makes sense.”


“Without Brandy, Cinderella wouldn’t have happened.”

One commenter posted a still from the film with Brandy and Whitney Houston. “There better be a dedication or SOMETHING for Whitney Houston. Without her Brandy’s cinderella would have never happened.”


“My little one is going to get so excited.”

A user on Twitter provided proof that the younger generation loves the movie. “Ohhh, my little is going to be so excited. She’s a fan of (fortunately) the ’97 gloriousness and (unfortunately) the whole Descendants nonsense.”


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