Brad Pitt Supposedly Alienates Friends and Fans With Gross Habits, According to Latest Gossip Claims

Has Brad PittLet him go! According to one tabloid, Pitt is now not taking care of himself during his custody battle against Angelina Jolie. Here’s the latest gossip about the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star.

Brad Pitt Drives People Away with His ‘B.O.’?

The latest edition of the Globe Brad Pitt, according to reports “down in the dumps”His seemingly never-ending custody fight with Angelina Jolie continues. While Pitt was once Hollywood’s favorite heartthrob, he’s apparently given up on grooming himself before going out. “He can still turn on the style and scrub himself up when he needs to, but in his downtime, Brad seems to take pride in being grungy and foul,”Insider source recipes

“He’ll wear the same baggy pants and shirt for weeks on end without washing them, doesn’t bother grooming, and even ditches deodorant!”The A-lister is said to be able to be found in seedy bars or locked himself in his studio with only cigarettes, coffee and junk food for sustenance during his downtime. “When Brad lost 50/50 custody, he started to let himself go appearance-wise even more than usual,”This is what the tipper says.

According to the magazine, Pitt has had a difficult time in court during his custody battle. Last year, Jolie successfully overturned a judge’s ruling for joint custody after revealing the justice’s business ties to Pitt’s lawyers. “Now Brad’s going to have to start the legal process all over again,”The source explains. “You really can’t blame the guy for feeling bad, but people wish he would pay more attention to his hygiene because it’s atrocious.”

Pitt ‘Letting Himself Go After Losing’To Jolie?

This report is both offensive and tacky. Just because Brad Pitt stepped out in a baggy outfit, that doesn’t mean he’s “let himself go.”Pitt isn’t the kind of person that would go to a tabloid to tell them he smells bad. Besides, if Pitt really was giving up on taking care of himself, it certainly hasn’t affected his work ethic. The actor and producer has Numerous projects have been lined up over the next 12 months, so we doubt he’s spending too much time in “seedy clubs”Oder “chain-smoking”You will be gone for the night.

But it’s no surprise that the Globe This would be a shocking story. The outlet reported that Justin Bieber had created a new diet that included sauerkraut and beets in 2020. This caused him to emit a foul-smelling odor. Evidently, this absurd story was also completely fiction. Kelly Clarkson was also alleged to be driving her friends off with her publication more recently “nasty habits.”The report was equally absurd, offensive and false. Evidently, the GlobeIt is easy to sell magazines by making celebrities stink.

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