Brad Pitt And Margot Robbie With Amazing Chemistry Getting Cozy Again!

Are You Brad Pitt Margot RobbieDating? According to one report, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood-stars are reviving their love affair. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Sizzling Chemistry’

According to Woman’s Day, Pitt and Robbie can’t stay away from one another. They’re set to collaborate once more in BabylonFilming has begun in Los Angeles for the film, according to a source. A source says, “There’s an obvious connection between them.”According to the source, the two were linked in rumors several years ago. “because they were always flirting with each other.”

One person who’s not excited by the actors’ reunion is Robbie’s husband, Tom Ackerley, as the tabloid hints that all the time away from his wife due to the pandemic has affected the relationship. A source says, “Margot denied anything happened with Brad before… but the whispers did spark a rough patch in the marriage.”Ackerley appears to be convinced that Robbie has a crush upon him Interview with the Vampire star, so he’s “driving her crazy” With constant questions and check-ins.

Brad Pitt And Margot Robbie With Amazing Chemistry Getting Cozy Again!

Brad Pitt And Margot Robbie Go For Round Two?

You’d think being happily married would make rumors like this impossible, but you’d be wrong. A rep for Pitt said “nothing happened” between the two actors, and there’s no reason to think these professionals can’t work civilly once more. It wasn’t long ago that tabloids were promoting a rivalry between them, so there’s very little decorum amongst tabloids on their relationship.

We also read a lot about Pitt and Robbie having undeniable chemistry, but this ignores how much they’ve actually acted opposite each other. They have zero scenes together in The Big Short and don’t interact very much in Once Upon A Time… in HollywoodThey can be. This isn’t exactly Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

What’s Up With Margot Robbie’s Husband?

Tom Ackerley, like Julia Roberts’ husband Danny Moder, is an unknown name to most folks. He’s a successful producer with credits on I, Tonya Promising Young WomanThese are just a few. Tabloids treat him like a jealous punching bag who’s wary of his successful wife working with any man. This story is problematic and completely false.

Robbie and Ackerley did not share their pandemic, as the tabloid claims. They were seen walking their dog together. These rumors persist as both Ackerley and Robbie are private people. Robbie even mentions him. It’s news they are. They’ve been married for years, have gone into business with each other, and are still very much in love.

Tall Tales

Gossip CopThis pairing has been debunked too many times for me to count. In 2019, the same outlet claimed that Robbie and Pitt had been secretly dating. We pointed out that Pitt’s sobriety and Robbie’s marriage made that impossible. Every tabloid had a story about this pairing. There were stories about forbidden romances and confessions of love on a weekly basis.

Pitt? Woman’s Day maintains that he’s engaged to Jennifer Aniston or pining for Alia Shawkat. It can’t make up its mind on who Pitt should be dating at any given time. Its inconsistency shows how little it actually knows. Pitt and Robbie are friends and co-workers, but there’s nothing scandalous going on.

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