Boyfriend proposed and it could not have gone better but I still said yes! Proposal Story

After her boyfriend proposed in the most inappropriate way, a bride-to-be felt deflated. But that didn’t stop them from saying yes.

Many people dream about the day when they get engaged. Everybody has an idea about how they want it to turn out.

However, sometimes life isn’t always what you planned. One woman learned this the hard way after her boyfriend proposed to her.

The couple has been together for almost seven years. They share a son of one year. A recent argument resulted in the man throwing a ring box at the woman and shouting at her to open it.

He first presented the ring to the couple mid-argument.

“I didn’t because he was mad,” She explained the details on Reddit She added that he returns the next morning with the ring box, just as she was comforting her son and getting ready to go to the shower.

“He tells me to open this box, just randomly out of the f***ing blue. I do, and it’s empty. Anyway, he says ‘yep just an empty box and he flashes it open and closed a few times while I’m literally asking him what the point of this is, as I’m trying to sort out our son and also have a shower.”

The man fell on one knee before rising again. He then burst into laughter and told his girlfriend. “enjoy your shower, you reckon it’s empty?”

At the time, she was still breastfeeding her son.

When the woman finished getting out of the shower, her son was still in pain. She laid down on the mattress and began to nurse him.

“My partner lays back down with this ring box again, and says ’empty!’ And opens it. Okay, I’m kinda getting annoyed, I just want to feed our son, I’m soaking wet and haven’t even gotten dressed yet,” She continued.

“Anyway, he thinks it’s a fun game and throws the ring box at me, and then it bounces off the bed onto the floor where it sits for a few seconds and he picks it up.”

The man sat down on one knee, asking the woman if she would marry him.

“There’s magically a ring in the box, wow, good stuff, magic man,” She spoke. “I’m sorry but could the timing be anymore f***ing worse.”

After 15 minutes, she said yes, despite being busy trying to calm their son. She was also very disappointed by the manner in which her partner asked.

Reddit was used to inquire about whether other users felt the same way.

“Wow, he really went out of his way to make sure that there wouldn’t be any affection or intimacy,”A reddit user comment.

An additional: “Are you sure you want to marry this man? He doesn’t sound like a good boyfriend and if he’s not a good boyfriend he’s sure as hell, not a good husband.”

“What the f*** is going through his head?” a third questioned. “You are obviously not in a great position for a proposal. He’s not even trying to make it special and only doing it at times when it’s annoying. This is just straight-up confusing.”

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