Boris Johnson is kicked to the curb Says Kevin Maguire!

Kevin Maguire believes that Boris Johnson’s lies and broken promises are a reason for the country to act when it is time to vote. Even though the Tories still lead in the polls, Maguire said that the country should do something about them.

Kevin Maguire claims that Boris Johnson’s lies, broken promises, and deceit mean that the country needs to take action when it comes time for voters.

Boris Johnson’s trademarks are lying and breaking promises, as former wives and MPs can attest.

Two other manifesto pledges for 2019 by Rishi Sunak and the Prime Minister are to increase National Insurance to pay social care, and to suspend the triple lock state pension system so that the elderly are paid less.

These abandoned promises include the disastrous Brexit deal that deepened rifts within a Disunited King, as well as the scything of international aid and his authority to rule after an 80-seat majority was fraudulently obtained.

Covid’s behaviour was unanticipated, but not the behavior of a charlatan who treats people with contempt and is unable to keep his word.

Using the virus as a smokescreen to short-change pensioners here and the world’s most wretched around the globe is Tory charity that neither starts nor ends at home.

We can now clearly see the incompetence and chicanery of a PM who manipulated his way into No10 using Brexit fibs. There is no doubt that the principled argument for an early General Election stands.

Voters would be more aware than ever as Johnson snatches £20 a week from millions of breadline families, underlining why he is temperamentally and ideologically incapable of building Britain back better.

Johnson argues that the costs and deaths of Covid are why he won’t stick to his 2019 election program

Boris Johnson is kicked to the curb Says Kevin Maguire!

The country has the right to determine where we go

Yet those costs and deaths were increased by his mistakes – and so the trickster inadvertently echoes the case for an early poll to allow people to choose who and what they want to happen next.

Dozens – no, scores – of questions require answers. Such as whether soaring NHS waiting lists, already topping a record 5million in England alone, will stretch, as predicted unless an emergency £10billion is invested now.

Johnson, according to Tory MPs, prefers a 2023 Election over waiting until the 2024 limit. By axing the Fixed Term Parliament Act, he’d be able to spring a snap contest of his choosing without the approval of two-thirds of MPs.

But while Covid widens inequality and hapless Johnson misrules without a mandate, we can’t wait that long.

Brenda from Bristol may object, yet a fresh election is required if a Government – any Government – is to enjoy legitimacy.

The Tories lead the polls, and Keir Starmer (Labour) would be the underdogs.

The country has the right to determine our direction.

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