Boris Johnson And Priti Paltel Relationship Here’s Why He Should Sack Her!

Fleet Street Fox reports that the PM’s Covid plan in winter is to stand beside someone that people hate even more than they love him.

Sir Alistair Graham is the most insane man in Britain if you believe that insanity means doing the same thing over and over again in the hope of different results.

It is he who demanded that Boris Johnson fire Priti Patel because she had an undeclared meeting in violation of the rules with a party donor.

Sir Alistair is also the same man who, last November, called on Boris Johnson for Priti Patel to be fired over bullying allegations and who, in March claimed that the government had fired Priti. “shown a scandalous neglect of maintaining high standards in public life”.

You’d think this would be the case. The PM wants a corrupt, dislikable, and amoral member of his Cabinet.

Why stop there?

Dominic Cummings was promoted by a man who blindly blundered about Barnard Castle. Matt Hancock refused to fire Matt Hancock because he got handsy and Gavin Williamson is in gainful employment while schoolchildren are clamoring for their heads. He doesn’t want to punish a workplace bully who breaks the rules.

Patel’s backlist shows that she didn’t break the records.

Boris Johnson And Priti Paltel Relationship Here's Why He Should Sack Her!

She strung them up and skinned and dismembered their bodies, then buried them at midnight at crossroads. After that, she urinated upon the smoldering corpse of Johnson’s Ministerial Code. Johnson wrote it and she signed it, which they both ignored.

This is the person who was last held accountable by Theresa May and was allowed to meet with a Tory donor and a Tory MP in return for blind loyalty regarding Brexit. They discussed passenger trace, airport laws, and travel traffic lights.

Priti’s Note: This is not what friends are talking about.

It makes me shiver to think about her birthday parties.

Patel did nothing to declare the meeting. She also did not take a government civil service along to take notes. There is no excuse for her, as she was fired from the first meeting.

It was also revealed this weekend that her department had spent £35,200 on a crisis management firm, which ran public relations “debriefing” Exercises for the Home Office in November and March last year. It has not revealed the details of which crises they were.

However, Patel was the subject of new bullying claims in March. In November, however, the bullying report was finally published. This would have been a costly way to make Patel less popular.

What reason would a leader retain staff who discredit the organization? This is because you don’t want disrepute.

Let’s look at all the reasons Priti Patel won’t pack her work mug anytime soon.

1. She is Lord Voldemorts last Horcrux, and the PM doesn’t want to upset him

2. She must be loved by Ann Widdecombe before she can become a beloved buffoon in Strictly Come Dancing

3. Boris Johnson looks good when she is with her

There is a reason he stands beside her

If the PM is charged with racism, his spokesperson can point to a Cabinet woman of color. If he fires the only woman of color he’s got, he’ll have to promote another from a pool of Tory talent in which they are not just rare but critically endangered.

The PM can use ‘The Prittster to make a fool of himself about immigration when he needs to. He can say anything like using jet skis, ramming migrant boat boats or putting nets on the Channel.

He is at no risk of facing a leadership challenge or any intellectual and moral challenge from anyone whose job might otherwise make her a threat.

He will be hated for imposing Covid restrictions which he promised we wouldn’t see again. She will then come out to say something that is pleasingly libertarian. He will be vilified for his policies that have resulted in deaths. She will offer a new one to ensure that more are migrant deaths. He will look like Priti Vacant and be a moral and intellectual Titan when his support plummets.

He’d be a man of integrity and goodness if he stood beside someone like him.

“I much prefer to be pictured with people like you, Donald!”

This does not mean that she is not a Horcrux. From a dispassionate look at the evidence, it is possible that she was possibly created by dark magic to store a part of a wizard’s dysfunctional soul.

It doesn’t matter what it is, whether it be that, Strictly ambitions or a lifetime record of surrounding himself and others who protect him against criticism, Boris Johnson ShouldPriti Patel must be fired. She would resign if she had any self-respect and not serve as his crap-magnet.

If she wants to be the new Widdy she should sack. She should be sacked if her only purpose is to absorb all the disapproval. She should also be sacked if her evil intentions are being carried out.

He hasn’t, he’s not, and he will not, speaks volumes about him more than it does about her.

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