Boozy nightclub pics go viral as people spot tell-tale marks around man’s face

Boozy nightclub pics go viral as people spot tell-tale marks around man's face

Everyone loves a good night out – and part of the fun is looking back at the photos the next day.

With this being said, it seems like some lads had a very good night in Leicester-based club Mosh.

The hilarious photos of their night out have made social media users laugh, and the photos went viral on Twitter.

One photo shows a man smiling at the camera after apparently getting up close with another reveller.

He may have had a foundation mark on his cheek and nose as he took the photo.

One person quipped he looked like he’d “had a bag of Wotsits”.

While another joked: “Spaghetti bolognese all round his chops.”

However, this wasn’t the only photo from the night out which grabbed attention.

There were two other guys posing together for a photo, but one of them seemed to have an accident with his drink.

The camera captured the moment his drink was poured from the bottle as he wrapped his arm around his friend.

Many commented that they were inspired by the photos and wanted to spend a night at the club.

One wrote: “Need a night out in mosh ASAP.”

As another added: “Top class night.”

A third chimed in: “Mosh is legendary Tbf.”

While a fourth added: “Everyone’s gonna be at Mosh this Friday.”

However, not every local recommended it, as one person advised: “As someone from Leicester, I can guarantee you definitely don’t need a night out in Mosh.”

While another added: “No one needs a night out in Mosh.”

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