Bonding on Netflix: Netflix canceled the series

Rightor Doyle, the creator of the mature comedy series, used his own life experience transcending his life from bodyguard to being a dominatrix. The series features Brendan Scannell, Zeo Levin, Theo Stockman, and Micah Stock.

The theme of the series was struck up with controversies from different sources. The community of BDSM was emotionally hurt from the portrayal in Bonding season 2. Nevertheless, the controversy came into being as the plot was hollow, and it didn’t have any statistics to back up the claim.

Bonding Season 2: The series is canceled

The second season was announced sometime in January 2020. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, the creator and the streaming platform released sometime in January 2021. Bonding season two didn’t get much hype as compared to the previous season. Even Netflix, the streaming giant, didn’t market the series through its verified social media platforms.Bonding on Netflix: Netflix canceled the series

But, Netflix did change its bio for Bonding’s second season premiere. The official Instagram page of Bonding did accumulate some love before it dissolved on the 10th of February 2021.

At first, the series was introduced on Netflix’s top-10 feature back in 2020 but didn’t rank among the top shows in the US. According to the reports from Deadline, Netflix has canceled Bonding sometime in July 2021 alongside much other comedy series.

Bonding Season 2: Trailer

The trailer of the second season didn’t create as much prominence as compared to the first. The first season’s trailer did receive 1.7 million viewership; however, the second season just got 250,000 views. Multiple sources suggest that the trailer on Netflix didn’t correlate much with the viewership.

Amid the bad things that Bonding had to incur, there is also a good piece of news. Rightor Doyle has been working on the potential Netflix projects as an integral part of development deals. Remember, the first season was a complete delight, and it is highly binge-able.

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