Bob Wall, Martial Arts Expert & Co-Star of Bruce Lee’s “Enter the Dragon”, Dies at 82

Martial arts expert and stuntman Bob Wall, best known for playing henchman O’Hara opposite Bruce Lee in the 1973 martial arts classic “Enter the Dragon,”Wall has died. Wall was 82.

Wall died on Sunday in Los Angeles, according to a statement issued by Wall’s family to The Hollywood Reporter. The cause of death wasn’t revealed.

“He was a pillar of strength and inspiration to all who encountered him, and his radiant spirit and legacy will never be forgotten,”According to the statement. “He was a brilliant martial artist, a never-ending source of jokes, a gifted speaker and a passionate man whose unconditional love and support were unmatched.”

bob wall

Also with “Enter the Dragon,”Hall was also featured in two Bruce Lee Films. “The Way of the Dragon”(1972) “Game of Death” (1978).

Wall earned a ninth degree Tang Soo Do blackbelt from Chuck Norris, a fellow martial artist. Wall and Norris would eventually become partners in business and open their own chain of karate studios. Wall would also be a part of Norris’ big screen on Norris projects like “Code of Silence” (1985), “Invasion U.S.A.” (1985), “Firewalker” (1986), “Hero and the Terror” (1988), “Sidekicks”(1992) and in Episodes of “Walker, Texas Ranger.”

During the famous fight scene between Lee and Wall, Lee actually broke several of Wall’s ribs, video of which is embedded below. Lee wanted the scene as authentic as possible so both fighters went at full speed.

“Bob, I wanna hit you, and I wanna hit you hard,”Lee spoke to Wall before filming the fight. According to TMZ.

Wall is survived his 54-year-old wife Lillian and their children Shana, Kara and Gennine.

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