Bob Saget Pays Tribute To His Close Friend Norm Macdonald

Bob Saget was one of the people most affected by the passing of actor Norm Macdonald and recently paid tribute to his lost friend during one of his podcasts. The “Full House” star had a long and very close friendship with Macdonald, who passed away last Tuesday at the age of 61 following a private battle with cancer.

According to Saget, he was “not functioning too well” after learning of the actor’s passing and even got emotional a handful of times while sharing the memories he had of him.

Bob Saget on the left and Norm Macdonald on the right | Photo:

The 65-year-old described Macdonald as “one of the most important people” in his life, as well one of the sweetest, and recalled how much they loved each other.

Saget, who met the late star when he was just 17 years old, remembered his friend as someone who truly cared about people and someone who “felt the human condition so deeply that it affected him in different ways.”

The two worked together on several occasions, with Saget directing Macdonald in the 1998 film “Dirty Work,” which the late “Saturday Night Live” actor helped write and starred in.

Saget was unaware of the 61-year-old-year-old’s diagnosis but claimed that he suspected something was wrong in the months before Macdonald’s death.

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