Bob Iger and Willow Bay Honored at Yes Gala

At Thursday night’s 20th anniversary celebration of Eric Eisner’s scholarship program YES for disadvantaged and underserved youth, David Geffen made a surprise $1 million donation, as did Mellody Hobson. Christina Aguilera performed in a sparkly pink dress and former “Bachelorette” star Rachel Lindsay passed out red roses (natch!) To guests who donated $10,000. The event raised over $5 million.

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The event was held at the Maybourne in Beverly Hills, where it was hosted by Willow Bay and Bob Iger, a power couple. “With all the uncertainty and all the anxiety and all of the turmoil that exists in our world today, it really is wonderful to come together and to be able to focus on something positive and celebrate an organization that has had such a meaningful and lasting impact on people’s lives,” Iger stated.

Earlier in the evening, on the red carpet, Iger and Bay posed with many of the program’s alumni. “Hi, I’m Bob Iger,” According to the studio chief.

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In a rare public appearance, Geffen co-chaired the event with Hobson. “It brings me to tears,” Geffen said of Eisner’s passionate work with YES. “And I just have to say, I’m not hands-on, I don’t do shit, I just give Eric money. And I am genuinely so moved by these young people that I’m going to give you another million dollars.”

Before they could enter, guests were required to show proof that they had received all necessary vaccinations.

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David Geffen, Mellody HOBSON

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