Blue Beetle Star Isn’t Affected By The ‘Fascist’ Batman Backlash: ‘That was The Point!’

Blue Beetle Star Isn't Affected By The 'Fascist' Batman Backlash: 'That was The Point!'

Angel Manuel Soto, speaking on his own, stated that the Batman lines is meant to reveal a lot more about Uncle Rudy, than Bruce Wayne or the screenwriters. Soto, speaking to MovieMaker said: “We wanted to make fun of the way Rudy speaks about other super heroes. Give us a second chance, people. Just having fun with characters we enjoy is all that’s required. “Everyone in the movie is a fan of Batman, Superman, and Flash.”

Soto’s in-universe use of name-drops, despite causing much controversy online is not new. It was used by DC Films during the post-Zack Snyder period. James Gunn repeated the joke in the HBO series “Peacemaker’s” first season. Peacemaker insists the titular character, played by John Cena, is adamant about a variety of absurd conspiracy theories regarding A-List DC super heroes. These include Green Arrow who, according to Peacemaker’s version, is a Brony, and Aquaman, who, as expected, was accused of having sexual relations with fish. Gunn and Peter Safran’s production company The Safran Company worked on both “Peacemaker”, and “Blue Beetle”.

Rudy is likely to have been portrayed as a conspiracy-theorist, just like Peacemaker. He would be reacting to an increasingly strange world with every alien invasion or timeline reset. You will have to decide if his theories make you lose faith in the characters. Soto on the other side is confident with his opinion. We have our criticisms, of course. [the DC superheroes]We should all be doing this. This doesn’t mean, however, that we are against Batman. We love Batman.”

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