Bloodlands Season 2: Release Date, Cast and Potential updates

Stuck in between a vendetta unsettled and guardianship, the story surrounds police detective Tom Brannick in his efforts to put an end to a mysterious antagonist who goes by the name of Goliath. Be it may the way the character is developed around a North Irish environment or the storyline that entwines into plot twists, ‘Bloodlands’ earned the fame of being the biggest BBC drama launch in Northern Ireland.

Following the countless attempts to drive viewers to hold their hands above their heads by revealing the identity behind the callous murderer and shedding some light on the hidden mystery behind Brannick’s wife, BBC One has waved the go-ahead for production. Who can put a cork on fans’ expectations, who would want to know more about their favorite North Irish crime detective?

Bloodlands 2

Bloodlands season 2 given the green flag

After a stellar performance and a conclusion that still feels unacceptable, the show has risen in ranks enough to be given its deserved decoration by BBC One by renewing it for a new season. Fans can eagerly expect a plot that intensifies further down into Tom Brannick’s alleyways and provides an opportunity to justify the sanity behind it all.

Cast Update for Bloodlands season 2

As for the potential cast update, it is clear that we would not be witnessing the likes of Ian McElhinney, Lisa Dwan, and Peter Balance as a part of the upcoming project. Furthermore, it is possible that fans could witness a new character be introduced to play the role of Emma Branick, who could potentially appear in the light of recent turn of events.

The Belfast-based series lacks no creativity when it comes to adapting new consequences into their story plot. This essentially means that it is less likely to witness a scenario where BBC One would want to discontinue the series.

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