Blind Son Saves Mom from Drowning By Entering The Basement That Is dangerous for him!

A Queens woman trying to salvage the situation amid Hurricane Ida but ended up running into a death trap. But, she was saved by an unexpected friend. 

New York City residents have been suffering from Hurricane Ida, which has resulted in 13 deaths due to the flooding.

11 of the victims drowned in basements that flooded during the torrential downpours.

The blind son who saved his mother from drowning.

Queens woman Danette Rivera, 47, was caught in the middle last Wednesday by the storm. Ida was driving through the city, and she ran to her basement to stop the storm reaching her first floor.

She soon realized that she was in a fatal trap. She fled to the basement and it quickly filled with water, almost reaching the ceiling.

Rivera couldn’t get back upstairs. However, she was able to open the basement window and shout for help.

Rivera, who was narrating her ordeal to New York Daily News, said she thought she wouldn’t make the journey alive. Rivera’s 29-year-old son, who legally is blind in both eyes and has found her, saved her life.

She kept shouting she was drowning and he traced her voice to find her and then came to grab her and pull her out of the basement. She was left with a bruised stomach, but she was still alive.

Rivera owes her life to her blind son, who saved her at the risk of his own life. Rivera is proud of him. : “My son is blind, but he’s not weak. My son saved my life. My son is my hero.”

Hurricane Ida brought to light the dangers of illegal basements in New York City.

Rivera has lived in her Woodside home for 14 years. She wants the city’s help to stop drains leaking and reversing, which led to her basement flooding. She :

“We should have some sort of trap to prevent the water from coming back in. That will save lives.”

Rivera’s brave son brings to mind the heroics of another legally blind man. Saved a woman from her attacker in March 2009.

Authorities identified the 45-year old man as a convicted criminal rapist and had entered the woman’s home, waiting for her return from work.

Jerry, Jerry’s blind neighbor, was able to hear her from her apartment. Jerry, who was blind in his left eye but has about 25% vision in the right, went to the apartment of the woman and kicked the door open.

He was surprised by his actions, and he locked the door. After the woman arrived, she said she didn’t know who the man was in her apartment. The police then took him away.

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