Black Adam Heads for $24.5 million 2nd Weekend at Box Office

Warner Bros./DC Studios’ “Black Adam”The second weekend was a good one. Industry estimates predict a $24.5 million weekend result, and a domestic total for the 10 days of $108 millions.

Long-term, the prognosis is mixed for Dwayne Johnson’s DC film as its domestic run takes a path similar to the star’s “Fast & Furious”spinoff “Hobbs & Shaw,” which also had a 10-day total of $108 million, and last year’s Marvel film “Eternals,”This had a total 10-day of $118 millions

While par for the course for both Johnson and recent superhero films with lesser-known characters, it’s still unclear whether this will be enough for Warner Bros. and DC Studios to greenlight a sequel to “Black Adam”As they plan a new course, the incoming DC heads James Gunn & Peter Safran are there. While Johnson’s star power has drawn interest that might not otherwise have come for this title, this second weekend is more reflective of the film’s B+ CinemaScore rather than the 88% audience Rotten Tomatoes score that Johnson has Featured on social media

The Hierarchy Has Changed: What DC Studios Chiefs James Gunn and Peter Safran Need to Get Done | Analysis

Meanwhile, Universal’s romantic comedy “Ticket to Paradise”The film is showing stronger hold relative to its budget level and genre, with an estimated $10.3million second week. It now has a total of $34M for the 10-days. The George Clooney/Julia Roberts movie has dropped only 37% from its $16million opening weekend. This gives hope that the film will continue to legging out into November, as blockbuster counterprogramming.

A trio of horror films completes the Top 5, starting with Lionsgate’s “Prey for the Devil”With $2.8 million grossing Friday and an estimated $7million opening weekend from 2,980 theatres, meeting studios and independent projections, the film earned $2.8 million. Lionsgate is banking on the low-budget horror film getting attention from teens thanks to its PG-13 rating, which puts it apart from its R-rated competition, Paramount’s “Smile” and Universal/Blumhouse’s “Halloween Ends.”

Audiences clearly voted for these two holdovers “Smile”It leads over “Ends”On the charts, despite being in theaters for only two weeks. “Smile”It is expected to make $5 million its fifth weekend, surpassing the domestic total of $92 million. “The Black Phone.” “Halloween Ends,”The production plummets to $3.7million in its third weekend due to bad word-of mouth and limited availability on Peacock, which reduces its theatrical potential.

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